1. Is basically everything on there fake, or can you get the real thing sometimes? I was just looking through and everything that looked good enough to click on was obviously fake. :sad:
  2. I wouldnt buy from there personally.
  3. Everything on Ioffer is basically fake, they're ebay rejects who want to sell illegal things.
  4. Yes, iOffer has a ton of fakes. But, my friend bought an authentic scarf print wristlet from there very cheaply and it was confirmed authentic at Coach. They have very few authentic bags, though
  5. I saw a fake patchwork bag there from somebody in China.
    Inside the tag said "Made in the US"
    Good stuff.
  6. You know, most of the stuff is fake, but if you abreally know what it is you want, maybe 2-5 percent of the time, you will get lucky. I did manage to get a real LV. (shocker) (a used one that was authenticated by 2 different people.) They didn't want to pay a lot for ebay fees. But that was such a chance that I wouldn't recommend doing that. Sometimes there are people who have things to sell, and because they are not experienced, people don't consider them at all on ebay, so they turn to ioffer. Being an ebay seller (hobby, not business), I understand their frustration, but I can't imagine that ioffer is a viable option either, if most people sell fakes. This is where extensive knowledge about the item comes into play. And also, lots of dialogue with the seller.
  7. don't write off everybody on ioffer as a faker. there ARE a few honest sellers thrown in there, but it's small.
    personally, i would stay away. it's just too much risk, you know?
  8. Ditto. There are authentic sellers there but I wouldn't take that chance.
  9. yeah. and, besides, you have to dig through SO many fakes to find a few authentic ones...just save your time and do ebay, where you'll have more authentic than fake.
  10. LOL
  11. i honestly think the people on ioffer need to realize that they're pretty much only good for a laugh!