Ioffer trouble!!!!!

  1. I just registered on ioffer to sell my coach handbags and I have memebrs telling other members to stay away form me b.c I scam...:cursing: I tried contacting ioffer and they ignore my emails. This lady hacked into my iofefr acount and deleted it. WHat should I do??
  2. hmm...not sure why you registered on ioffer to begin with? i think they're known (at least on tpf) for selling mostly (if not all) should stay away, especially as a seller! :yes:
  3. seriously unless yr selling fakes you shouldn't be on there
  4. i agree, ioffer is for fakes only. if you want to sell your authentic bags, i say go to eBay instead. altho there are some fakes there, but it's not known for having JUST fakes. good luck.
  5. Ioffer stinks. They're all fakes - terrible.:yucky: I suggest you stay away both selling and buying....
  6. Ditto what everyone else said. iOffer is where I go when I want to see if a bag has been counterfeited yet!
  7. try craigslist for now but do not meet anyone in person offer paypal and ship!, or eBay and after feb 5 if they are still for sale xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    doesn't this blog have an area for selling? email the moderator
  8. Try eBay or craiglist.
  9. yeah I cant believe they are allowed to have a website like that..all they have are replicas and pass them on as the real thing. Can we report them???
  10. i hope someone does report them! all those bag companies should. i mean they are the ones losing business from those counterfeiters. and the only reason i know about them is when i do a search for a bag, ioffer stuff always come up!
  11. doesn't ebay sell fakes too?
  12. While Ioffer does have A LOT of fakes.. it does sell legit normal stuff too.

    I was watching some ebay special on the discovery channel. Apparently when ebay jacked up their prices for sellers (when they claimed that they were taking sellers into consideration first and foremost) a few years ago, a lot of eBay sellers took their business to ioffer.
  13. I've never shopped at Ioffer but thanks to your tip I know to definitely not even look. Thanks for the info.
  14. yeah thats true every 1 on ioffer is from ebay they got suspened for selling fakes..
  15. Don't bother. i've tried selling and buying there there and it is full of fakes, and the buyers do not understand buying something genuine.

    go to Ebay.