ioffer stealing our CL shoe photos!!!

  1. thanks to a lovely lady on TFS, she warned us that fake CL shoes are being sold on ioffer and our shoe photos are being used :push::cursing: so best is to start watermarking our bf used this free program. i will come back and post the info.

    i noticed that some of these photos may have been posted here and THEY watermarked it with their names! :sad:

    recognize these pictures?





    here's the link to 2 pages...

    If any of your pics have been used, you can follow the notice and takedown procedures to request their removal from ioffer. This is a process under the Copyright Act.
  2. That was me on TFS. I was just about to post a warning here also. Thanks! I was mortfied when I saw a pic of me modelling the foxtrots!
  3. oh good grief! THIEVES Suck!
  4. this is just so infuriating! and none of those is even mine! guess my collection isn't good enough to steal photos of, lol!
  5. OMFG I want to hurl right now. The top row 3rd & 4th photos, 2nd row 1st photo are mine -- I nearly always watermark my photos for eBay but those were photos of part of my shoe collection that I took just to share on tPF.....and those thieves just post it on ioffer for sale and put their watermark on it? And the other photos I recognize as all belonging to tPFers as well.

    clucreciala - thank you for posting this. Do you know how we can take action against them?
  6. Under the US Copyright Act there is a notice and takedown procedure if you see someone copying your material

    Every website is supposed to have a link to instructions for this and ioffer has it here

    You can also try contacting the seller but not sure if that will work

    I'm drafting mine now to email to them
  7. I just read through that ioffer page -- including the going-back-and-forth transaction conversation at the bottom. SICK! So apparently this seller is now supplying fake Decollete 868 pumps -- watch out for those on eBay everyone!....don't get fooled!

    The only fake Louboutin style I've spotted on eBay SO FAR (after 2+ years of close ebay-watching) is the highly-popular "Bruges" style -- and those I can spot the fake ones even if they copy the red sole, insole, engravings, etc.....they never get certain details right (for now I'm not going to mention the details here to tip off the ioffer fakers, who obviously scour tPF's Glass Slipper section). Thank God faking shoes is not as easily done as faking bags though; I will keep an eye out for what kind of monstrosity their fake "Decollete" pumps turn out like.
  8. OMG!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!! THEY ARE USING MY PHOTO. WHAT BAST%$SARDS! This just proves that even using a forum like this will attract thieves and counterfeiters. And the current asking price for my collection of shoes is $20?!?! I think that I am more offended at that :wtf:
  9. FYI for those complaining to ioffer if you didn't already notice there is a report misuse link on each listing page that you can report the item directly to ioffer.

    Here is the link to report things to customer service also.

    I notified them of all the other copied pics in addition to mine and sent the notice to takedown my pics today.
  10. I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!
    The second pic is mine!!! Thats my bed & MY room!!!
    I looked through the other pics & most updated pic of all my there again....I DID watermark them too!!! a lot in fact!!!
    What do I say in the e-mail i should write to them?
    Im sooo mad!!! Why do people have to ruin such nice things. We all enjoy posting our personal pics and some as***** has to come along & ruin it all for us!!
  11. That is just completely wrong ...
  12. :cursing:

    I cannnnnnot believe this! They've used some of my pigalle pictures in their auctions! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Let me at 'em!!!!!!!! IT'S ON!!!!!!!
  13. I was there any way the mods can put a lock to the forum? Sorry if I sound confusing, but like when you right click on your mouse an error message comes up. Ive seen it done a few times & was just curious.
  14. Omg!
    I can't belive people are doing this,
    I wish we could make this forum more private but i guess there is no real way to do that.
    I can't imagine how angry you all must be seeing others use your pictures!!
  15. OMG...I am mad for all of you that have had your pics stolen...:censor::boxing::censor:

    I can't go to the site, but the nerve of some people!