1. are the purses real on this site?
  2. most of the ones I've seen there are COMPLETELY fake :tdown:
  3. Since the items being offered are by individuals, I don't think you can know one way or the other unless you do your homework.

    This sounds like a neat concept - I'm going to check 'em out more later tonight - I'm so sick and tired of e-Bay I can't see straight!

    I just went out and found a page of reviews about the site on, check it here:
  4. The majority of them are absolutely Fake!!!!
  5. Oh quite fake. I use to love the pace before I discovered the joy of designer purses and realized a few of the bags I got there were very much ripoffs. Still makes me dirty just thinking about it. =P
  6. I'd just stay away from this site. It's a haven for fakes and they do even less about the fakes being sold on there than eBay does.
  7. Horrible fakes, I've had a bad experience there.
  8. I use ioffer as a reference of what the fakes look like when trying to authenticate eBay bags. So, to answer your question, I've always assumed almost everything there is fake.
  9. Wow, thanks to allie for asking this question! And what a terrific idea to use ioffer as a 'reference' for fakes! Brilliant!

    I won't waste my time checking it out any more than I have.
  10. Thanks everyone! I knew the prices were too good to be true!
  11. majority are fake. I have seen authentic bags sold on ioffer, but those are few and far between!
  12. mostly fake, as far as I know
  13. That's exactly what I do! It's great, I've used it recently to check out the fake GH bbags so I can spot the fakes on ebay.
  14. IOFFER is all about the fake.
    Want an $8000 Chanel watch? You can have it for $300.

    I bought a Fensi Selleria, when I got it , it was Fendi Sellerin. I freaked the F out, was unable to get a refund. HORRIBLE.
  15. :tdown: :yucky: :nogood: