iOffer Beware! Swagger fake or switcheroo...

  1. So I am obsessively browsing for this Marc Jacobs' Swagger bag and I've seen just about everything (from overpriced resales to horrid horrid knock-offs from China) but this one, THIS ONE, takes the cake. :confused1:
    Take a look at this:
    Marc Jacobs LARGE QUILTED SWAGGER STAM BAG - Green For Sale

    Now, it looks like an authentic Marc Jacobs Swagger, doesn't it? Well, why on earth would the person be selling it for only $78.00????!!! That should send off some SERIOUS ALARMS PEOPLE!! And there's another Swagger just like it (fyi: the smaller size is the regular Swagger and the larger size is the N/S Tote) in this same N/S Tote version on eBay currently and it makes me wonder...either there are some AMAZING fakes out there or some of these sellers are pulling switcheroos!! I mean, this is a bag that I believe was $1, can someone sell it for well below half? Further still, there are two AUTHENTIC Swaggers (small sized) on eBay right now. How is it the the LARGER Swagger costs LESS than the two bags valued less?? :confused1: Again, alarms people, alarms! Beware of what your purchase and where you purchase. You can never be too careful.

    FYI: The woman selling the large Marc Jacobs Swagger N/S Tote claims she bought the bag from the Barney's in Manhassett, New York. Correct me if I'm wrong but to my knowledge, no Barney's exists out there.
  2. Yikes, that's horrible. But don't we all know by now not to buy anything from ioffer? :confused1:
  3. I am waaaaay too paranoid to buy bags off Ebay, for this very reason.

    I just bought a MJ Kate the other day from Ebay, but I knew it was a PF'er, so I knew it would be safe.

    But seriously, I'd rather pay more and get it in a store, and know it authentic.
  4. ioffer is infamous for selling fakes - I would stay far away.
  5. I just learned that lesson the hard way. I ordered a MJ quilted wallet from ebay and low and behold it was FAKE:crybaby:. I was so disappointed, the seller claims he didn't know and offered my money back.
    We will see how this plays out:push:
  6. i'd stay clear away from ioffer.... wouldn't even try to rationalize the selling prices there...
  7. Ioffer has the worst fakes I've ever seen. Why anyone would buy there is beyond me.