Involuntary Coach ban support group

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  1. Yes! Just in case you needed a visual. ;)
  2. Oh crap, how can you say no to Thor without getting smote? That is a tough one for sure!
    I think those eyes would be a killer for me. Stay strong!
  3. How quickly we've moved from purses to sweets to beefcake! Keep the pictures coming. I feel my resolve strengthening.
  4. Poor Stick. He ought to know by now Rex would never take "his kind". :shucks:
    Best I can do is a ride on an officer float in Endymion, and tickets to a Bourbon Street balcony with an open bar. But that ain't Rex. :king:
    I hope he comes to his senses soon and realizes all you've done for him.
  5. Holy chitlins Batman! :drool:

    I've got one of those Chippendale's dudes has got man boobs....and not the good kind either! :lolots:

    As for my posted eye candy, can you tell I'm having severe SOA withdrawals? :crybaby:
  6. I wonder if he's the Chris Farley replacement?
    That gives me an idea for my next beefcake pic...
  7. Omg! Farley and Swayze Chippendales!
  8. I used to work for a plastic surgeon. Some men get boob implants. They are supposed to be pec implants but if they are done wrong, they look like women's boobs.
  9. LOL - Yes!!
  10. Really?! Ewww, just ewww......don't want a man who's boobs hold up better than my own..... :lolots:
  11. I don't want a man that vain! Once I dated a man (only once!) who took out his contacts to prove to me that his eyes were really that pretty on their own. :shocked:
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1423252725.633589.jpg
    Here I am fondling a Coach purse at Macy's. Ok to touch as long as I don't buy?
  13. You go girl! Cop a feel for all of us.
  14. Isn't that #5 of the manifesto? That leather looks nice... :drool:
  15. Is it ok to distract ourselves by buying much cheaper, non-Coach bags? Not that I've done that, or anything... :whistle:
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