Involuntary Coach ban support group

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  1. Here's my contribution to purse porn and eye candy.....

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  2. Love your posts

    Send to Mr. Stick to me, he can spend a few weeks in Miami, enjoying the weather & getting a tan

    I get stuffed delivered all the time, UPS even kind enough to deliver items that are not even mine to me, Mr. Stick can help me can help me by either calling UPS and letting them know they left a package at the wrong house again or help me walk it over to the right house
  3. Oh My Goodness! I am drooling! Just gorgeous! Bag and Man. Thanks for your contribution.
  4. Wait I have to kneel and say a prayer that I started this thread. Pic to beat right there!!
  5. TPF and Laura are not responsible for divorce attorneys either!!

    And us single girls don't need anymore competition either. ;)
  6. Thanks and I am not speaking to that twig! He moved out in a huff after I told him no more Coach for awhile but still returns at night to moon me through every window. Do you know how much noise he makes rattling the window panes while he twerks all over them? I'm about to call a wood chipper!
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    Nice! I give that one 10/10. :ps:
    Excellent composition. :yes:
  8. Don't forget to post his pic when you find him! I'm sure the DH won't mind. There's nothing wrong with looking at the menu when you're on a diet. We're a bunch of ladies with exceptional willpower that would never order anything we didn't need, right? :roflmfao:
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    Send him down to Mardi Gras! Maybe he could get his fix helping me hand out Coach gifts.
    On second thought, he's not that big on giving away Coach pieces, is he?
  10. I yelled the invitation out the front door while dodging tomatoes and other assorted thrown fruit and you got an ugly hand gesture and "unless the gifts are for Stick and he's formally invited to be King Rex, he ain't coming!". There was also a slew of curses coming from his sappy little mouth which I won't repeat here...

    FYI, he's trying to unionize our hula babes and magic mike extras so tip well! :biggrin:
  11. Because we like to collect and it's going to be're welcome. :smile:

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  12. And our second shift...

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  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1423184836.827338.jpg

    Even Thor wants me to have my HG purse. Look at how strong he is holding up the duffle with one finger. Ok I know this is totally low tech but now that I am not buying purses, maybe I can afford some photoshop classes. Day 2 of the ban is over (only 363 days left for me). Have a good night, ladies.
  14. Love it! The bag kind of matches his eyes. Bonus points!
  15. Yummy! Are these our hula babes?
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