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Jan 24, 2018
Set out today w/ the backpack + Basic and I hate that winter is here, forcing me to carry and wear so much. The thing I hate most is having to fumble around for things, especially w/ no surface to put the backpack on. I also chose the light brown Basic to try as it's in the least good condition but stepped out in the natural light and realised it looks AWFUL. I most likely need to redunk it, argh. It's just a horrible morning in general as it's freezing cold for the first time in so long and winter is coming.
I hope your day improved. I don't enjoy wearing lots of layers either; so I hope you come up with some comfortable options that make that part of winter more fun. I think we need some tips from @musiclover . :smile: Did you like using the basic bag even though it needs work? I meant to reply when you wrote about them before. I would try out your favorite one. If you don't enjoy that one, you'll know they aren't for you. You might discover you're crazy about it and love carrying it. That would be a great outcome!


Mar 24, 2018
For me, UPS is a little more expensive, but the difference is usually less than a $1. Most of my items are between 1 and 3 pounds.

ETA: I'm glad it is different for everyone so people won't complain that I didn't pick the cheapest option.
Sounds like our prices are the same, I wonder if it's because we are both on far ends of the US.
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Nov 2, 2011
So I found this funny.... I have a few of the halloween items I bought up for sale to see if they sell before returning them (I wanted to keep witch and skeleton bear and am parting with the other items). I priced lower than everyone at a fair rate only to recoup my costs. Someone messaged and said they saw such and such for sale on the outlet site for such and such amount and they would be happy to take it off my hands for 10 dollars less than that amount plus shipping.

I laughed to myself and responded that the cost is actually a couple dollars more than that plus tax and that I need to recoup my costs or could just return them... I countered back at very close to the selling rate and thanked them for the offer.

That message and offer made no sense... I mean, go buy it on the website yourself then? Noone is going to sell to you less than that this early in the game.