Involuntary Coach ban support group

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  1. Here's my entry for a photoshop fail, because I don't have photoshop. This is a photo of my husband's identical twin brother carrying my ultraviolet haircalf Candace. I hope the identical twin photo is good enough, because he and my husband look exactly alike.
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  2. CN, that is fabulous!
  3. You are one lucky woman!
  4. Thanks y'all! I had no idea when I married my engineer husband that he would keep up the physique of his NFL player twin brother (I have no idea why there is a 30 year age differnce; I never asked), but I truly am lucky.
    I believe the brother in the photo agreed to be a loin cloth man on the island, btw.
  5. You are too funny:lolots::lolots::lolots:
    Great picture and even better sense of humor - Thanks for making my day!
  6. Thank you for making my day! That really blesses me that you got such a kick out of my family photo. :blush:
  7. Right now, I'll go with slow. I live in the literal middle of nowhere and don't even have cable TV. Next week when I go back home to NOLA, I plead the 5th...:woot:
  8. Woohoo! And you gave him color to wear. Very nice all around! :woohoo:
  9. I know what happens during Mardi Gras! Climb a lamp post for me! :smile:
  10. He moved out and has declared war on me. He is currently stalking and issuing threats via Twitter and Instagram and I'm pretty sure the toothpicks I found sticking out of my wall are a warning....
  11. Another one here, needing to join the support group!

    My Boss Satan spent all of 2014 telling me my contract would be renewed for 2015. Well, apparently at some point Boss changed their mind but didn't tell anyone. 2 days before my contract was set to expire -and a week before Christmas- I met with Boss Satan to notify them of a completely unrelated matter (a death in the company) and after hearing about it, Boss says "oh, by the way, I don't have any work for you to do until next fall." Gee, thanks for the inappropriately-timed, flippant 2-day notice that I'm losing my salary and all my benefits.... and therefore losing the means to pay for necessities, let alone fund a purse collection. :sad: Like I'm really going to sit around for 8 months, unemployed, waiting for a callback to your crappy company? Riiight. Happy effing holidays. Jerk.

    (Whew! Thankful for this thread- that felt good to vent!)
  12. Name and address. The Italians have a mafia for a reason and Uncle Vinny and his bat are at your disposal. You'll have work tomorrow. ;)

    Sergio, double pina colada over here!
  13. Enjoy ya-self! Laissez les bons temps rouler!!
  14. I realize my priorities have been wrong. Since I already have the purse, I need to focus my efforts on finding a gorgeous hunk to help me carry it. DH should be happy when I tell him I'm not looking for more purses, right?
  15. :lolots::lolots::lolots:
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