Involuntary Coach ban support group

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  1. I'm sorry to hear it's overwhelming this time. I hope you can keep it simple and have a list of things to add on if you end up needing them. Enjoy your Maui vacation!
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  2. All the new bags that came out are killing me! Someone tell me I don't need them! The floral color block Tabitha, the kaffe fassett and Marleigh. Ugh! We are still building the deck. It's taking so long! I don't have a lot of patience. The deck guy had at family emergency so he hasn't been able to come to build. ☹️
  3. I’m pleased with my purchases! I’m going to do as Syren suggested and look for other ways to use it (card or coupon holder) so I can enjoy it more!
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  4. I know some of you sell on ebay, so please know this isn't a complaint at sellers, and I get that everyone has a price they are willing to part with an item. That said, there was a slg that was being sold for $99, and yesterday the make offer option wasn't there, but I think they added it because they saw someone watching it. So I made an offer $15 less, because why would you make an offer for just 5 or 10 less. They declined it with no counter offer which is fine with me...I am good without it, but just wondering why they bothered with the make offer option.

    There was a similar slg yesterday that I was countered pretty high to my offer, and I declined. This isn't something I have to have, and I also know its value isn't as high as they want because it is an outlet item. So that is why I am not trying to pay a lot of money. I think sometimes just because something is somewhat rare, it doesn't mean people will spend a lot of money on it.
  5. Yes, we are! Enjoy your wonderful vacation!
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  6. This always happens to me. I think of the great come backs 30 minutes later!!
  7. I always have the make an offer option, and I always respond. I've also made offers and received no counter. Go figure.
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  8. Thanks, e! Glad to hear it!

    Here’s this morning’s view and one of the many beautiful hibiscus at our condo on Maui. I am definitely going to try to grow these next year. The colours are all so vibrant.
    Morning walk to the end of the beach near us.
    At Nakalele Point and the blowhole. That’s DH, standing above the blowhole but I didn’t go all the way down (wrong shoes for scrambling around like a billy goat).
  9. And all this time I’ve thought you were an actual billy goat! Lol

    What beautiful pics! The sky is such a lovely shade. I’ve never been to Hawaii but I always hear how sweet the air smells. Do you think it does? I don’t know why but this always intrigues me!
  10. Something is only worth what someone will pay for it! Even if something is rare it doesn’t mean someone will pay you a lot of money for it.

    As a seller I agree with you lol I always have the make an offer option on my listings. You can have it set to auto decline offers below a certain amount. I don’t think your offer was unreasonable. I always counter or I have it set at what the lowest amount I’ll accept is. It saves everyone some time and grief lol

    Pricing items is almost an art. Do you want all of your money back that you paid for the item? Do you want a profit? Do you just want it out of your house? I’ve sold items in all of these categories lol And you can never know which items will sell high or quickly. Every time I think an item will sell high it doesn’t and vice versa!
  11. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures— glad you are having a great time ML :smile:
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  12. The sky is very beautiful here in Maui, and the ocean even more so. I think the air feels softer (I can tell when we get off the plane) and is more fragrant. That is probably due in part to the humidity but more so, the plumeria blossoms which are abundant here. Last night at the pool I noticed a beautiful sweet smell and it was the plumerias growing on the edge.
    This photo of white plumerias is from the Dole Plantation but I found a deep red-pink plumeria shrub near us so I’ll photograph it tomorrow for us. I was reading about plumerias and there are many different scents, specific to each type. It smells really delicious here!
  13. I’m glad you like the photos, Iam! I find it’s very relaxing here. There’s definitely far fewer people and cars here (compared to Waikiki) so we really feel like we’re on holiday.
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  14. I ordered some straps from Mautto to replace the leather/chain straps on a couple of dinky bags, and I also ordered a new strap for my Spooky Eyes duffle (I had shortened the strap considerably, and decided I wanted a lighter weight strap--the hardware is very heavy on that bag). They are beautiful. Probably a little hard to see in the pics, but here they are--lavender, red, and black.

    IMG_0259.jpg IMG_0260.jpg IMG_0262.jpg
  15. I would also be smelling and photographing all the flowers ha! How interesting that the plumerias have different scents. Very cool! Maybe you can find a locally made perfume or essential oil to use back home and it can transport you back to Maui.
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