Invites to Store Openings

  1. As many of you may know. they are opening a new Hermes in my state, NC in Charlotte. I was wondering if any of you know how one goes about getting an invite to attend the grand opening events. I really want to attend them as I'm sure they will be absolutely wonderful. Any help/advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  2. oh in charlotte? i you want you can send airkisses to my exhusband and his bimbo as i can bet they are going :sick: :roflmfao:
  3. I too live in North Carolina and would LOVE to get an chance to be a part of the grand opening of the Hermes store here! I purchase all of my bags long distance at the Hermes in Chicago and have a great relationship with the manager and an SA there.
  4. OH - I wish I knew, too...there's a huge new store opening here in Sydney soon.......mmmmmmmmm!
  5. I really hate to call the 800 number to inquire...but I may have to. I don't know any other way other than to talk to the SA I currently work with.
  6. I'm Going To Find Out.....I Know A Few People Who Will Be Part Of The Grand Opening(s).......That's How I Found About The Store, A While Back (I'm So Excited For It!).

    Nathansgirl1908 ~ You Should Definitely Check With Your SA In Atlanta (Since They Are In The Same Region).
  7. I was a real moron not to attend the opening of the new SF Hermes back in 2003. The original store was on Stockton, but it was very small. They moved to a larger location on Grant and supposedly had an awesome "street market" type of event on Maiden Lane. :sad:
  8. If I were you ladies...I would talk with the SA and manager of the stores that you do all your business. Let them know you want to attend and that would be your new home store. Ask what their advice would be for getting invited to the opening. I would also get a nice letter together and send it to corporate. It really can't hurt and they will respond one way or another.
  9. Kellybag That Sounds Really Good! Thank You!

    ***Right Now ~ According To Southpark Mall (Where Hermes Will Be Located).....It Is A New Store (Not A Re-Grand Opening). As Far As They Know, It Will Be Open To The Public Like All Their Boutiques......Of Course, They May Have Their Own Party. But, They Cannot Shut Down For It (Or Open Or Close Early), Due To Mall Regulations.

    To Go To The Opening With The Public Is Fine With Me. I Have Been Going To Hermes My Whole Life. I'm Just So Happy It Will Be, Just Down The Street. :smile:

    ........& I Definitely Hope To See Some Of You There!!!!!!! ;)
  10. LOL!!!
  11. My advice: Talk to your current SA and they will pass along the message to the PR department of the new store. If they agree, you will probably be receiving an invitaton within a week.