Invited to Indian Wedding....need major advice

  1. I just got invited to an Indian wedding next month in England! I have no clue on what to wear but a good friend of mine and said that i should probable have like 6 diff. outfits for the party, cermenoy, wedding, etc. (i have no idea what other events she listed but there were a lot) and to have like 3 sarees. I've been searching online so i can get some indian clothes that i like but i'm not too sure what the trend is or custom for anything is so i really need help if anyone knows about this stuff!

    I've picked out the outfits i like so if someone could just tell me if they are what people usually wear to a wedding and all the events before it, then i can go ahead and order. Thanks so much

    Here's what i have in mind so far (i was told to look for something called "suits" and "sarees" so i don't even know if i have the right things):

    Also, i called the bride to see if she could hepl and she was like really busy getting her own stuff and whatever but all she told me was not to get anything wedding red, what does that mean?
  2. oh and here are the other things i found:
  3. well my family owns an indian clothing store so i can totally help u out but before i do that let me just ask u one thing do u want to be wearing stuff that is totally in right now??? or r u not looking for anything trendy??? If i don't come back to this thread (cuz sometimes i forget) u can msg me and i can help u out through pm's. I can help u out in detail cuz i deal with a lot of stuff at our store.
  4. One of my bff's is Indian so I've been to a bunch of her family functions, including one wedding. I just wore normal dresses, as did most of her younger relatives....
  5. I went to an Indian Wedding in December and for the ceremony I wore a Saree and a party dress to the reception. However, most people wear a suit (top and pants) to the ceremony (since it's easier to sit in) and a saree to the reception. From the pics you posted, the only saree is the middle pic in the 2nd post.
  6. Hi!! I'm Indian :smile: I'd love to help!!! Okay first of all most of what you picked is very common, blase type stuff! You are going to a wedding! You need to wear something really grand. I personally did not like any of what you posted.

    And wedding red is basically a bright red. The bride will wear red on her wedding day so no one else should be wearing red.

    A suit is either salwar kameez or a churidar. And yes you will need many outfits - there are a lot of different ceremonies besides the actual wedding day.

    Check out some of these top Indian designers:

    Ritu Kumar She is the Chanel of India. I don't personally like many of her designs but she does have some very nice wedding appropriate stuff.

    Manish Malhotra

    Satya Paul He is another TOP designer. He has some truly atrocious designs, like pink zebra print sarees but there are some real winners too.

    Seasons India This is a nice boutique.

    Tarun Tahiliani He has some truly beautiful stuff.

    Rohit Bal

    Anamika Khanna She has awesome stuff too!! Can't find her website though..

    Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna One of my faves!! Can't find a website!

    IndoMix It's a boutique in NYC..sells westerwear designed by Indian designers!

    Ritu Beri

    If you don't feel comfortable wearing sarees and salwars you could always wear western-wear (like cocktail dresses) designed by an Indian designer. The dresses will be what you are used to but still have LOTS of Indian flair. Most of the designers I listed make absolutely gorgeous skirts, tops and cocktail dresses that will be appropriate.

    Indian fashion changes a lot...and I swear most people in India just don't know how to dress!! I just got back from India and my cousin got engaged so we went shopping for her wedding saree and sarees for me and my family.

    Since we are South Indian we wear pure silk and zari saris in a style called "Kanchipuram". Zari is gold thread..the silk sarees have designs on them made out of real gold thread. Don't ever buy sarees with "tested zari" which is basically won't look nice!!

    Where in India is your friend from?

    Here is some stuff from my favorite designer!
    Vinita Pittie Now I don't think you will be able to get any of her designs unless you actually go to her place and get it since she is a small-time designer and not yet very well known. But pictures should give you an idea of what you should get.

    ^I ordered this




    Now do you see a difference between the type of attire that you posted and what I posted? You need stuff with fresh color combinations and innovative design :smile: And something that shows a little more skin!!! lol

    A popular style that you could use for some of the less formal parties are wearing a long tunic with ankle-length opaque leggings. That look is very in with young people right now...ANd that's something you can easily buy wherever you are. A fun, dressy tunic with matching leggings shouldn't be hard to put together. For the actual wedding you should wear a sari.

    Please feel free to PM me :smile:
    Sorry for writing such a spaztick post..I just ketp remembering things to tell you.
  7. any idea on how many events there will be? i'm really liking the sites u posted so i might get like 3 sarees and 5 suits...would that be enough? i've heard that i will need to change a few times in a day as well so i'm really confused now
  8. I like this but it might clash with the brides outfit right?!
    Here are the other sarees:
    these are all from that boutique u posted btw!
  9. oh and i don't really want to wear wesern clothes if i can help it. i would prefer to get something indian. i like a lot of the designer wear but i really don't want to pay more than $10,000 for my whole set of outifts. (jewelry not included) because, after all, it is not like it is my wedding or anything hahahaha. i'll post the jewelry i'll be wearing in a while too so you all can tell me if it is appropriate or not!
  10. I'm going to be borrowing the Dragonfly set from Debeers thanks to a friend. and the marie-antoinette set as well for the actual wedding and reception. For the other events, i will just wear my own jewelry like diamond bangles and, etc. I haven't discussed the idea with my bf who will be funding the project but it should be ok i guess!
  11. hiii! I'm Indian too! I just wanted to say don't worry about being too extravagant and it'll be your first time wearing a sari and its not the easiest thing in the world to wear. But if you do want to wear one I do LOVE the red/gray one, and since it's not pure red, it won't clash with the bride, IMO. Plus, you don't want to wear a sari to the wedding, and that's where she'll be wearing the red, most likely (although she may wear red to the reception too) but you could always wear one to some of the other events too.

    Satya Paul is my FAVORITE designer, though, as he's got a lot of great designs, based on nature (I think haha)

    but your jewelry selection is awesome and as long as you get outfits with silver embroidery you'll be fine! hope this helped and of course you can PM me too :yes: have fun!!
  12. just remembered....should my bf be wearing something indian as well?
  13. ohhh indian weddings, how exciting! Im trying to plan my own wedding right now and it is CRAZY!! Lol!! First of all what type of indian is ur friend, because that can play a part in the type of clothes most people will be wearing! For example...i am gujrati and most people will NOT be wearing suits (aka churidars, the ones u posted in ur first post) at any of my functions (they would wear sari's, chanya choris and choli suits (aka lengas)) .... but like my friend is punjabi, and we all wore crazy embroidered suits to her wedding! :smile:

    As for online vedors...Im not sure if they are still popular, but they are always GREAT to work with -- i LOVE sheetal ... I love their designs...always a little bit different!! loves it!
  14. Hi!!

    Okay so your bf can probs get away with wearing a suit and tie! But if you really want he can wear a "kurta" or a "sherwani".

    Check out this designer for your bf.
    Gaurav Chhabra



    Here are some sarees from Seasons


  15. [​IMG]



    You could also wear a "ghagra choli" (also called a half sari). Those are way easier to wear than a sari and might be a good option for you since saris can be quite uncomfortable. You could get 2 saris and 1 half-sari, maybe.