Invited to Chanel event. Worth going?

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  1. I was invited to a cocktail event at a local store, and I’ve never been to one. I’m a really shy person who generally hates parties with people I don’t know. Those of you who’ve attended store events, am I missing much if I pass on this?
  2. Ask if you can bring a friend! I’ve gone to several Chanel events before, and I’ve always been allowed to bring a guest. Otherwise, I will ask if my FA will be there, whom I enjoy talking to on a general basis anyway. Knowing at least one person will make it less awkward.

    If the event is a preview event, it’s always nice just to go for 20 minutes to take a look at what’s new. They typically give a small gift to each attendee at the end, so if anything, at least you get a present!

    Ultimately, if it’s not too out of your way, then it’s worth stopping by just to see what’s new. Even better if you can bring a guest. Enjoy!
  3. I’ve been. Not worth your time. Take a girlfriend out for some drinks and a night on the town instead of spending an evening with people who pretend to be nice so that you’ll spend more of your money with them.
  4. You can just go for the drinks and snacks. Bring a friend. Take some pics and leave. No need to mingle.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll check if I can bring a plus-one; otherwise I’m glad to know I’m not missing much. ^^;
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  6. Just wondering for those who have been to events, do you have to be a VIP member to get invited? And do you have to spend a certain amount in a certain amount of time to become a VIP member? I only started my Chanel collection just about a year ago, bit by the Chanel bug, and addicted ever since. :P
  7. I don’t know what their general policy is, but I will say I have actually made only one purchase at this particular store, and it was kind of a while ago. The difference is it was a relatively high-ticket item, and it was from one of their less popular product categories (i.e. not a bag).
  8. I happily attend these events alone in my boutique :P. It’s as good as my usual shopping visits to Chanel, except with cocktails, yummy snacks and a lil present. I just browse and buy what I like. I don’t mingle with anyone. No one mingles with strangers much here. At least that’s my boutique :smile:. I love it!
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  9. I go to these all the time with my husband. He enjoys dressing up to go to these. It's also a chance to wear a ton of chanel and to see other customers dressed from head to toe in chanel. It's like an comic con for chanel vip customers.
  10. I’m not sure how they pick which clients to invite, but I’m quite friendly with my FA, and she knows I’m interested in the overall craftsmanship of the RTW, so I tend to get invited to those. I’ve been a client of hers for the past five years, and I regularly purchase a mix of RTW, small leather goods, watches, and the occasional bag from her. Perhaps establishing a regular purchase history helps?
  11. I made my first Chanel purchase two months ago (classic jumbo flap bag) and I was invited as well but I don’t think you need to make lots of purchases to be invited as clearly I haven’t. Not sure how they choose who gets invited :confused1:
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  12. Never been for Chanel but have been to other retail "events" and basically just another way to get people to come to a store and buy, high pressure sales tactics may vary, I think they serve alcohol as this may make people buy more :biggrin: So I would think fun to go if you are interested in seeing what's new and maybe have something you are interested in. If you are not looking to buy sometimes best not to see what's new so as to avoid temptation :biggrin:
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  13. So I attended the event and had a very nice time! Wasn’t particularly interested in the new inventory but met a really sweet SA and my friend and I made out with some really nice gifts! So I would say it was worth going. Thanks again for everyone’s advice!
  14. Can you share your gifts? I know Saks gives out end of year gifts to their customers and I’m so intrigued as to what people get!
  15. Somehow this comment and this comment alone made them sound super appealing to me!
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