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  1. (Sorry if this has being posted)

    I know all you tpf americans have expreinced a great and wonderuful sale especially with all the pictures you have shown all of us here at tpf which i LOVE.

    well its seems now is time for us brits to have a piece of that delight with our on sale, as earlier this morning i recived an invitation from gucci inviting me to the gucci spring/summer sale which takes place on wednesday,27th june at

    Bond Street, sloane street and royal exchange.

    i hope this is of great info to anyone who maybe wondering.

    P.S. Cant wait:tup:
  2. Congrats!!! I hope you find lots of great things... Be sure to post photos.
  3. Does any one know if the sale in the US is over. I am so disappointed that I didn't know about it. I am anxious to purchase my first Gucci and would have loved to have gotten a discount.

    Also, does anyone know if the Gucci purses sold at are authentic. They have the leathere Princey for a decent price but the ribbon on their purse is black and burgandy not red and green.

    Please advise.

    Thank you!
  4. The princy came in both styles.
  5. Yes the sale is still on although many of the styles have run out and you may not get your size if you're getting a shoe. I'm not sure about overstock but some people have gotten bags there and they were real. You can check by getting it authenticated with someone from tpf before you buy it or once you've received it, if it's not you can return it. good luck!
  6. Whenever I go to the UK site I see they have different styles available than the US, same with other countries. I'd love to see what you get from the sale -happy shopping!
  7. Thanks Kneehighz and beljwl i cant wait.:smile: