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  1. This is a very self-serving suggestion, as some random man who took a liking to me on another forum joined tPF for the sole purpose of stalking me, to put it harshly. Anyway, there are also spammers joining the forum on a regular basis who the mods have to keep their eyes on, and the forum does just keep on growing. Do you think it would be advisable to make this forum invite only? That way we could focus more on purses and being a community without having spammers and others not at all interested in purses flowing in. Maybe there could be an option where people could apply to be on the forum as well, in the case that they don't know anyone on tPF. What do you guys think?
  2. I think it would keep a lot of wonderful members out, just because we don't already know a member. I think Vlad and Megs and the Mods do a fantastic job of keeping this forum on the right track. There are always going to be blips (and I'm not minimizing what you've gone thru), but they are handled pretty quickly. It just seems a bit elitist to set up a barrier to joining. JMO.:shrugs:
  3. Invite only is definitely something that will never happen on tPF. :yes:

    We'll rather battle the occasional nuisance than to lock out possible quality contributers.
  4. People have to make sure to only post online what they are comfortable with- unfortunately sites like myspace and facebook give a ton of personal information out- the information you can put here (aim, myspace link) is up to your own discretion. Only put online what you are comfortable with people knowing- but I would be more worried about myspace information or facebook (which you can give your class schedule).

    Vlad and I have discussed that our site will never be invite only- our site is growing, but we handle it well with the help of the mods and really love having it open to everyone!
  5. I know how you feel nerdphanie, when PF first came out I had a couple of people bother me greatly, but didn't realize how to deal with it, so I left the forum for several months. but now i'm back, better then ever. i always ignore the age question and where i work and go to school. i have no problem saying what field i work in and all, and at times what state i live in, but with the influx of new people, i restrict in certain areas. recently the guy that kept going on about a particular bag and then made the dramatic scene of wanting to leave the forum because he was misunderstood kept PMing me because of the ethnic correlations to my name, and requested to chat, giving me his personal information becuase apparently we share the same ethnicity. but after i explicity told him to stop, he finally did, if he PMed me one more time then I would have reported him. HOWEVER I think that invite only would compromise the rest of PF because of a few bad eggs.
  6. If only it was really so. But in fact, if we have a look at the latest generation of tpf posters a lot aren't even fluent in English and cannot really make any useful contribution to the board. I am honestly sick of reading haiku-like posts that contain more grammar and spelling mistakes than actual content.

    Plus what about those people that only register to ask one question and then disappear again? They just take up database space...why not prune some of the older/unused accounts?
  7. I would like to Officially Commit large hugs on the management, Megs and Vlad, until they squeak, for keeping the caliber of the place up by their commitment to inclusiveness and making welcome all of us who like bags.

    I especially enjoy the international ambience. It's cool to get to talk to people from all over the world - about bags, movies, makeup, all kinds of stuff!

    Insert Official
    Large Hug and also Squeaking
    Management icons
  8. Part of what makes TPF a great place is the diversity of cultures and nationalities, age groups, genders, personalities and such. Being fluent in English shouldnt be basis for membership in this forum, or any forum for that matter. The reality is some people have difficulty expressing themselves - both verbally and in writing but this certainly shouldnt be used as criteria for judging if one is "forum worthy". Just my 2 cents...:smile:

  9. Ouch!!!!!!!!...........I just joined and have been sifting through the various threads. I have come across some posts that indicate the member is not fluent in English, but this doesn't get in the way of the message he or she is trying to convey.

    I respect your stance, but stating that non-native English speakers are essentially a waste of time on this forum is a little shallow!
  10. rude!
  11. WOW..Perhaps we ought to weed out the ignorant ones first...Just a thought.....:push: :lecture:
  12. And who are you to decide who makes a useful contribution to the forum ?

    Your comment has taken up far to much data space imp.
  13. I look past the spelling and grammar errors - a lot of native English speakers make those too. :yes:

    I have no problem understanding the message in those posts you describe because I really WANT to understand the poster - I ask more questions to help myself be clear on what they are saying so that I can respond.

    Fluency in English does NOT equal useful contributions...
  14. It's a given that in today's world of bulletin boards/forums that not EVERYONE is fluent (in the case of tPF) in English. I don't mind a bit trying to decipher the post of someone that isn't fluent in English and if I don't understand them I'll ask. I respect ANYONE that has even a basic handle on a second language.

    AMEN. Let me give that a second one: AMEN!!
  15. What you may consider lack of contribution is what I call diversity. If you are sick of the "haiku-like posts", feel free to log out and not visit our forum again.
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