Invisible Heeled- High Heels?

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  1. A while ago, on the first or second season of the simple life, Nicole Richie wore a pair of heels that had an invisible heel, meaning that they were on a spring I guess? Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, and who these shoes were done by, and what their name is?
  2. Oh wow.:huh:

    I wonder if they're comfortable because I would love a pair.

    Great architect!
  3. Woah.. awesome looking shoes !

    I've always been a little disappointed that the funky heel craze (e.g. high heels with the heel that sticks out the bag) never took off, this would be fab !
  4. [​IMG]

    are you talking about those ones?!^^
    those are Fendi...
  5. Manolo Blahnik also does them ;


    £3K !! what a waste! think of all the Mary-Jane Camparis I could buy with that!! :yucky:
  6. When I saw the name of this thread, I instantly thought of these shoes! They are unique and I would love to get them....except for the INSANE price tag!
  7. THOSE ARE THEM!!!!!

    Does anyone know the name of the Fendi version of these shoes or the *gulp* pricetag:yucky: ??
    The United Nude ones are more practical, I looked on Zappos, but they're a bit too plain for me..:noworry: ...bu I'm considering them in black...does anyone have any experience with these shoes?

  8. The pictures refuse to load for me.

    But I think I know which shoes you are talking about. They were in a trailer for the show. Green suede with painted flowers.

    I own those shoes in pink. They are from Fendi spring 2000. Don't remember the retail price exactly ... I think they were around $690. They are somewhat hard to walk around because the support is unsteady (it can "bounce" as you walk).
  9. I just ordered 3 pairs. I'll let you know how they are. By the reviews, they seem to be pretty comfortable and fit true to size. They are only offered in whole sizes, so the customer service rep.said sto go up 1/2 size.

  10. Okay, the pictures are loading for me now. Yes, those are the shoes I was talking about. (Nicole's are different from the yellow ones on the bottom though ... same heel, different style -- hers are hand painted flowers.)