1. Anyone here used Invisalign? If so, what are you thoughts? Comfortable? Hard to get adjusted to the trays?

    Your opinions are very greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  2. I had invisalign. It's a great alternative to braces. When you put in a new tray, it aches a bit but once your teeth shift to that place, it's fine. It takes about a week for your teeth to get used to it.
  3. I use invisalign. It does gradually move teeth, but it will not give the dramatic results of traditional braces. If you have nothing stopping you from wearing regular braces aside from vanity (this is NOT an excuse!) then I would definitely just go the braces route. It is cheaper, faster, and produces better results.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. :yes:

    I just my first trays fitted today. Did you have ever have the feeling that the edge of the tray (behind your teeth) was scraping your mouth? My top tray is fine, but the edge of my bottom tray is constantly scraping the area under my tongue, and it's very irritating. I feel like getting a nail file and smoothing the edge out. But of course I won't, because I'm too scared to ruin the tray...

  5. Get your dentist to adjust your tray if it's scraping. Also, you will be talking with a little lisp when you have the bottom tray on.

    Are your teeth VERY crooked? or just a little bit (eg. one tooth is a little off)? If it's just a little bit crooked then the Invisalign trays are okay. If it's VERY crooked, then I would get braces from an orthodontist because when your teeth move, it will affect your bite. An orthodontist is more knowledgable about these things than a regular dentist. You don't want to mess with your bite because in the end, it might cost you more than you think. And may be more time consuming to fix it.
  6. i've been on it for 4 yrs! it's invisible, but doesn't work as well as the metal braces

  7. I will call my orthodontist tomorrow to see if I can get the tray adjusted so it doesn't scrape. In response to your inquiry, my teeth (and then only the bottom) are only very slightly crooked. I had braces before, but my teeth shifted because I didn't use my retainer.
  8. For those who use (or used) Invisalign, what were the boundaries of what you would eat/drink while wearing your trays?

    I'm just wondering what the rest of you do when you have your trays on. Last night I went to a wine bar with BF and some friends, and I didn't know whether to leave the trays on or take them off while having a few drinks. I want to leave them on as much as possible, but it just feels so annoying! (I'm sure I'll get used to them soon, as today is only my third day of having them)

    The orthodontist told me it was okay to have drinks (stay away from acidic stuff) and small snacks with the trays on. Taking her advice, I tried to snack with the tray on and could NOT do it! It felt SO WEIRD to try and chew with the trays!!!

    Do you get used to it? What will you normally eat/drink with the trays on? My ortho said that it's not too bad, since you switch out every 2 weeks, but still- I don't want to ruin them! HELP! :sos: TIA!
  9. I had Invisalign as well and I loved it. I had had braces as a teen, but 20 years later my teeth really shifted.

    I would strongly suggest NOT eating anything with the trays in. They are a chore to keep clean anyways, and having food on them makes it even worse, not to mention uncomfortable to chew. I drink a lot of water and diet coke during the day and I kept them in with no problems.

    If I went out for a drink with friends after work I would always just slip into the ladies room to freshen up and take out the aligners and put them in the case in my purse. No biggy and well worth it.

  10. Thanks for the tip, Pursegrrl!!! How long did it take for you to get adjusted to having the trays in your mouth? Slowly, I'm getting more used to them, but it still feels a bit annoying.
  11. If you don't mind me expensive is Invisalign? Insurance doesn't cover it, right?

    I had braces as a kid but my bottom teeth have shifted a bit and I'd like to straighten them out but I don't know if it is worth the cost and there is no way I'm getting metal braces again.
  12. Regarding cost, I believe the price will depend on the individiual's treatment plan. I'm sure that more "severe" cases will take longer to treat, and hence, will be more costly. If you go onto the Invisalign website, it says that the national average is about $5,000.

    Regarding insurance, everyone's insurance is different, so you may want to check with your dental provider to see if Invisalign is covered under your plan.
  13. the first few trays took about a week to get used to apiece. I felt like i was wearing a football mouthguard and was lisping so much it was embarrassing at work. But after that each new tray only took a couple days to get used to.
  14. Forgot one more thing my orthodontist told me about not eating with the aligners risk getting food trapped in them if you do. Not only is it potentially unsightly, but your teeth won't get 'cleaned' by your saliva when you have the aligners in. So the trapped food particles get stuck in there against your teeth and that is not healthy.

    It is a hassle to get used to with taking them out, brushing your teeth, putting them back in, but after awhile it just becomes second nature.
  15. I am on tray 12 of 15 right now. I LOVE it.

    I am an "ortho-relapse" case. You would not believe the difference it is doing to my bottom teeth. I had to wear different top trays for 4 months and the bottom trays for 8 months. I have 7 weeks left.

    My bottom jaw has widened 1/2 inch so far - my entire profile is different - I cannot tell you what it has done for my self-confidence. I smile so much now - and I am still wearing the trays. No one can tell i have them in - I only take them out to eat and brush/floss.

    I cannot say enough good things about them!! Go for a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate.

    Cost in Colorado Springs = $4250