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  1. I'm not going to rant here, but long story short, my parents never paid for me to have braces when I was a kid (however, my younger brother "golden child" did have them) that I am an adult (24) they are no longer covered under my insurance AT ALL, but my teeth are the bane of my existence...I need them fixed. I'm a soon-to-be professional and I see people's eyes drop to my mouth and then back to my face when talking to me. I can't handle it anymore! While I have another semester of loans I can pull out....I'm thinking of doing it and fixing the darn things! I know prices depend on the dentist, but before I shop around, I would like to know how much you ladies paid in total for your invisalign and what your experiences were with it???
  2. My orthodontist will charge me $3000 australian for 3-4 months of intense invisaglin (changing the plate each week). I've had braces before, but my teeth have gone out of place again...thus the concideration. If you can afford it (and it seems to be something you really want to do) i'd go for it.
  3. Have you girls gone ahead with this yet? I'm thinking about invisalign or veneers, and not sure what to do...I'd love to hear if it worked well for you?!
    My teeth are not in bad shape and I think would be relatively easy to they stay in place after you are finished?
  4. I probably won't go ahead with it, my orthodontist doesn't see much point in it- for me is is very much a cosmetic thing, altering my front gap etc. Another thing to take into account is that according to my orthodontiist, after the 4 months of invisalign i will have to wear a clear plastic plate over my teeth 3 times a week or so, for the rest of my life. Which didn't sound too exiting, since over the next few years i have alot of exams and other things to worry about:sweatdrop:.

    But, fi you really want to strighten your teeth, and you don't want braces, i'd definitly suggest looking into it, and maybe booking a consultation.
  5. I am getting fitted for mine tomorrow ... I think they are about $4000-5000 and I have dental insurance. My treatment is expected to last about 18 months.
  6. My friend just got an estimate for veneers from a good cosmetic dentist, and she said it was $5K per tooth. I imagine Invisalign is cheaper.
  7. invisalign will not correct all orthodontic situations. i re-braced my then 19 year old son as his jaw grew after his initial braces at 14 years old. we asked for invisalign but were told his problem wouldn't be helped. so i had him rebraced and it only took 9 months! he complained but i told him someday he would thank me. ortho only charged us his cost tho since it was a re-bracing situation. i am glad i did it for him. go for it! and good luck.
  8. I'm looking into Invisalign right now and am trying to do more research before I make a decision. I had braces in my late teens (yeah, already pretty late as it was) and it corrected the major problems (my teeth truly were the bane of my existence), but there are still some minor problems that I want fixed. I'd really hate to re-brace again -- not just for obvious appearance reasons, but b/c my previous orthodonist is on the opposite coast from from a billing/cost point of view it's not going to help. I wonder if re-bracing with an entirely new orthodontist (even just for less than a year) will come out to be about the same as InvisiAlign(?). Would greatly appreciate any testimonies and/or expert advice (any orthodontists/cosmetic dentists here?)!
  9. That's insane! I've been quoted that to do six teeth and zoom whitening it would be just under 6K altogether! If invisalign costs approximately the same then I'll be going for those veneers. I have a dentist appointment next week so I'm going to ask his opinion before I do anything.

    Frenchpearls, that plastic plate for the rest of your life does not sound appealing to me either!
  10. There are quite a few older posts about this as well.

    I am a proud invisalign alum...

    I had braces as a teen and then did invisalign in my mid/late 30s. It was about $4500 for me, and insurance only paid $1000 or so. I had full upper & lower and now have a retainer I wear at night.

    Try an invisalign search here and you will find a lot of fabulous info as well!