Invisalign-Really invisible???

  1. Are the Invisalign REALLLY invisible as they claim?

    Does it hurt?

    How long did you have to wear it?

    Is it easy to maintain them clean?

    What was you experience with Invisalign?

    I know it's a lot of questions but I'm planning to get them and I want to be prepared and not have any surprises.
  2. my friend had it and people kept on asking her why she's bleaching her teeth during class, because it looks kind of like those gel teeth whitening cups. but that's still a ton better than braces!
  3. I had it and people didn't even notice it until I told them. It hurts like hell when you get your new ones in because they're so tight around you're teeth but the results are so worth it!
  4. ^^ True, and I lisped a little bit when I first started which was a little embarrassing but that soon passed and the results were worth it!
  5. A friend of mine has them & I didnt even know it until she took them out in front of me the other day! I normally notice things like that!
  6. How long does invisalign stay in?
  7. I had Invisalign for almost two years. It hurts when you get your new set, but it's worth it. Your teeth are a little sore for the first few days, but after that they start to adjust.
    They are easy to maintain, just brush them w/o toothpaste. The state of your crookedness depends on how long you keep them in for. They are practically invisible! I never had anyone notice them.
    Consulting an orthodontist about it would give you some good answers! :yes: They can give you a brochure and all the info :P
  8. It depends on how much of a dramatic change you and your orthodontist want to do. For me it was approx two years.

    Please PM me if you'd like more info!
  9. I wanted to revisit this thread because I finally got myself Invisalign.

    Are the Invisalign REALLLY invisible as they claim?
    Yes, you can't see them

    Does it hurt?
    Mine don't hurt. There was some pressure when first applied, but you get used to it.

    How long did you have to wear it?
    My program is for 4 months (a very express case)

    Is it easy to maintain them clean?
    Yes, I just brush it like I would brush my teeth for a few seconds everyday.

    What was you experience with Invisalign?
    OMG Invisalign is so obnoxious! It doesn't hurt, but it gives me an embarassing speech impediment, which is bad because I work in PR and I have to be on the phone a lot. The way it changed my speech is enough to make me only want to wear it at night.. that's what my friend did, but I am afraid I won't get results. I'll have to figure something out.

    I got a very good deal $2500 on mine (no insurance). If you find a dentist who is just starting out with Invisalign they may need new patients and they can offer you a deal. Otherwise, I think they run $3500+.

    I would recommend it since it really is invisible, and no way would I ever wear braces at my age. But be prepared to talk funny :sad:
  10. I'm in braces right now and I really debated the whole ceramic brackets vs invisilign thing.

    My ortho told me that even though they are more expensive that if I did traditional brackets that it would go a LOT faster because the movements have to be so gradual with the invisilign. Also, some conditions simply can't be treated with invisilign. If you have bite issues or too much crowding, you arent' always a canidate for invisiligt. I wound up doing ceramic brackets and all you really see is my wire.

    I there are several forums for adults with braces that helped me weigh my options as well. It's just such a different decision as an adult doing braces than as a kid. I would also encourage you to REALLY shop around for your orthodontist. I met with 8 different orthos before I found mine and I LOVE, LOVE him and his office staff.

    I would ask your regular dentist if they had an ortho (or a few!) that they could refer you to. Most of the will do a free consultation for you.

    Good lunk!
  11. I had braces, but my friends who had Invisalign had lots of problems, including speech impediments as others mentioned above, but what I think is unattractive is that you have to take them out before you eat. I find it unappetizing when I see people take them out at the table, and I've had many friends who accidentally threw them away (because they were on a napkin).

    In many cases, braces work faster than invisalign. I had lots of problems with my teeth so it wasn't even an option. Also, you can see them when you are very close to someone. There are also braces that are placed behind the teeth that are now available if you wanted to ask your orthodontist about that option! Good luck!
  12. I've had braces twice (the front of tooth kind). I've never heard of ones behind the teeth! I wonder if it's as painful as the regular ones? I'm assuming yes?
  13. ^^ I had friends who had them and they said they hurt as much as the regular ones. They're put on the same way as the front ones but I believe they have to be customized to fit the curvature of the back of your tooth. They are also more expensive than the frontal metal braces and invisalign.
  14. Here's some answers based on my sister's experience with it...

    She had a front tooth that was starting to almost overlap the other front tooth, so her teeth were considered pretty crooked to start with. Invisalign worked for her in a little under a year. She said it really hurt each time she had to have new trays made (because they feel a little tighter each time, as they're shifting your teeth). Her speech was only affected by it the first couple days, then it was fine.

    It was noticeable when you were in *close* range to her, like a couple feet away or closer. From far away it was not noticeable and it wasn't noticeable in photos. I have a coworker who I just noticed had Invisalign. She's had it for months and I talk to her everyday. So I think it's probably only noticeable if you know it's there and you're looking for it, kwim?

    It was a little disgusting to watch her take them out and put them in when eating, but she got better at it as time went on... there was a lot of snapping and crunching noises, and sometimes lots of drool LOL. Also, you cannot have anything besides water when you have them in, or you risk getting cavities and staining your teeth... that is really important!

    Her teeth are perfectly straight now, but she still has to wear them at night, probably forever. She feels like it was definitely worth it.