Invicta watches

  1. Any thoughts? Any experience with them?
  2. I guess no one likes these watches?
  3. Invicta watches are not bad watches nor are they particularly good watches. The brand has a very large collection of watches that ranges in a large spectrum of prices. Some of their watches are made in China; some in the US; some in Switzerland. My mother had a decent Swiss made automatic that ran well. She was wearing it everyday until I bought her a Longines watch.

    In the end, Invicta watches are decent priced timepieces that come in a large selection of derivtive designs.

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  4. I have one and bought two for gifts. I love mine, and my brother & father both get raves on theirs! Best pricing is from ShopNBC with store discounts, coupons and rebates from certain websites. They are a great value! Especially love the quick change pin on their straps. So much easier!
  5. I've never heard of these watches. Where are they sold?
  6. Ditto...
  7. Besides ShopNBC, they are sold at Tourneau's Watch Gear stores. Not sure on what other retail outlets they are at. They gained fame a few years ago with their popular Lupah watch design.
  8. I've seen a lot of them online. You can get good discounts at overstock and bargain sites as well. I like the style but I don't have one...yet.
  9. I have 5 Invicta watches and my husband has 2. Great watch, very durable and two have diamonds around the bezel. i get lots of compliments and my oldest one is 5 years old. Never had any problems. I only buy the swiss made ones with sapphire bezels. I believe they have been around over 150 years and the company started in Switzerland. i love mine and I'm a definite watch person - i have a movado, gucci, michelle, etc.
  10. I have a couple casual swiss ones & my husb has one I gave him.
    The quality is good & they kept accurate time (I haven't worn mine for a while - got a few yrs ago) I've actually just recently seen them selling in the mall watch store (can't recall which one) but the selection was very limited & mostly mens. You're probably better off buying online.
  11. I had a baby lupah one and I loved it, never had a problem with it whatsoever!
  12. I have 4 and I like them, they are decent watches, if one pines for designer looks on a small budget. I, too am a watch nut, I have 4 Rolexes, but today, in fact, I am wearing an Invicta Ladies Diamond Diver with pink MOP dial. Here is where I get my Invictas:
  13. Noticed that this is a very old thread but I'm currently searching for a watch and came across this brand in this forum. I don't think it's available in my country nor is it popular but I'm surprised to see that it's so affordable. Especially those diamond encrusted models that I'm currently eyeing. Can someone here tell me a little bit history and if this brand is really that popular in U.S?? How's the resale value? Why is it so cheap in eBay??? Are there fakes around? Anyone here owns the higher end with the diamond encrusted models?? Can tell me how you feel about the watch and its durability. Any info greatly appreciated! I'm almost into getting a Omega Constellation Automatic with diamond dial and bezel till I've come across this thread. TIA!!
  14. I've seen some of these at TJ Maxx
  15. Good or bad watches? Depends on your price point. I have had beautiful Swiss Made Invictas and el cheapos from Filenes. I have a dozen, I think. They tend to be sporty and trendy, I think. Really recommend the Reserve line. I have a Swiss automatic with Meteorite dial and COSC certification. It is one of my favorites, not cheap at all. I have lupahs and mechanicals and dive watches. I love my Invictas. You need to be aware of what you are buying. Most people here are only interested in very high end Rolex, Patek or Cartier, but let's face it, not everyone is in that price range, especially if you like nice bags, or are paying off student loans.