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  1. I was wondering... Who here invests?... no not in bags :P What started you and at what age? I turned 20 a few months ago and for a long time all i've thinking about is investing and that i no longer have the dream of working for others (im about to hand in my resignation to the police :unsure:smile:, but for myself instead. I find it difficult bc of my age people dont take me seriously on this... :sad:
  2. I started at the age of 25. I picked two companies that I like-Johnson & Johnson and Pepsi-and started a sharebuilder account. I contribute a set amount each month and all dividends are reinvested. We also fully fund our 401K's and have IRA's going. I don't have the confidence to "play the market", but I feel comfortable that my investments have and will continue to grow.
  3. my boyfriend has a business degree so he loves this stuff - he really likes etrade, but you have to have enough money (at least a couple hundred bucks) to trade with so that you don't lose all your money on commissions. he learns a lot just by watching financial tv and reading websites, he says he's never lost money long-term in stocks.
  4. I've had some small cap mututal funds since I was really, really young, but they're not so great. I'd get into it when I actually have more capital, but at this point, it's silly to invest what I have
  5. I started at age 16 when I bought Microsoft stock for $95.00 a share. Yeahhhh... bad idea.

    I still dabble and try to keep up with what's going on, but I don't have a lot of money to invest. Every year I put $4K into my Roth IRA (that's two or three handbags!) and I like to read up on the hot stocks (Bai Du, the new Chinese Google, for example -- buy that!).

    I know people my age who are whizzes at investing. They're all guys, though. It seems like girls (sorry to make a generalization here, but I think most of you will agree it's true) invest in what's immediately gratifying. I guess guys don't have as much to buy... they don't get the cool accessories we do!
  6. I'm 31 and didn't really start doing anything until I started working a few years ago. I'm still a little wary about trading stocks without taking the time to do some of my own investigating and research.

    I think just opening a Roth IRA is a good way to start--you can put away $4k for this year and all the interest it earns will be tax-free as long as you don't withdraw the money early. Also, if you act fast, you can contribute money for 2005 before April 15. You'll be holing away some money for your retirement/future. It's a small way to start.

    After getting my Roth and contributing to my work's 401k, I added two mutual funds--I have money automatically transferred in once a month--it's a way to save AND earn better "interest" than I would in a savings account. My next step is to open a brokerage account and try the market. Hope that helps give you some ideas.
  7. I just put my $ in ING right now. Stocks are too risky in my eyes especially since my work deals with people who lost millions in stocks.
  8. I'm trading online regularly. We've been investing since the early '90s. My favourite stock has been Starbucks. (SBUX) - its doubled several times in value and split, since I've had it and continues to look good. Its also a stock that doesn't seem to be affected much when many other things turn south.

    Its good to do research on anything you own or buy, also I really enjoy watching "Mad Money" with Jim Cramer on CNBC.. check him out, he's hip and hyper but really lays things out well to help you understand why he likes / dislikes a stock .. also has great sound affects lol.
  9. I'm 26 now, and have been investing since I was 19. I contribute 15% to my 401k, have a CD and mutual funds, but I'm not an active trader or anything. I keep 6 months emergency money liquid and the rest is tied up. My mother is a financial planner, so she helps guide some of my decisions, but in general, I do my own research.
  10. I started when I got my first fulltime job at 23. I wish I started sooner though. I don't think you can ever be too young to invest. Put in as much as you can every month. If you have a job and they offer 401K, always maximize your contribution. You are not just saving for your future, you also lower your taxable income.
  11. He is a spaz, but he's got great advice. Oh, I told a guy friend how I told everyone about Roth IRAs and savings, etc. He wanted to know why people, especially women, don't consult professionals. Not to change the thread--but does anyone have any thoughts?