Investing in Chanel

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  1. Makes me feel good about all my purchases!

    ...ahem I mean investments
  2. they are just talking about the increase of pricing, which does not equate to actual value...
  3. I really don't see why bags are an investment if you don't plan to sell them in the future.
  4. the thing i got out of this is.... i should've bought more Chanel back then!!! LOL. kicking myself for not grabbing a boy when it wasn't over 4K.... for a linen lined bag!!!
  5. +1
  6. I'm skeptical of this article. It only seems worth it if it's sold again, but there is no personal joy when you do that unless it's to fund or downsize. If you buy it and use it for yourself with no intention to sell it, I'm not sure if it's an investment.
  7. Chanel is an investment as the article states it as the product (the Classic Flap) is increasing in value over time and that there is a huge resale market....
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  9. Thanks for sharing, OP!
  10. +1.
  11. Agreed! Haha