Investing in a Pre-Owned Celine - Should I go with an All Soft, Cabas Tote, or Belt Bag?

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  1. Hi! I am looking to invest in another pre-owned Celine bag from the Phoebe Philo era. I would love to have a brown, taupe or multi-color version of the All Soft, Cabas Tote (Small Vertical), or Belt Bag. If anyone happens to own any of these three styles, I would love to hear your recommendations and experiences. I am leaning toward the All Soft in brown and black (see below) but a bit worried if this style is outdated as Celine has ceased making. I would love an classic, everyday bag that will remain in style and that I could also take on a more casual night out if necessary. Thanks in advance!

  2. I love the all soft, I think it's a stunning everyday bag! I they would ever bring it back I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

    I have the belt bag myself (size small, the largest, without a shoulderstrap), I have had it for quite some time but I have not used it yet, so I can't really give you any pros or cons except for it being absolutely beautiful. It is just way bigger than what I need as a every day bag, when I don't carry a backpack for school I always just grab a lightweight WOC. (I would not put my laptop and the book of law in my belt bag, but I will make sure to grab it for my next travel, for that purpose it will be great!) Or well, one con that I can come to think of is the weight, it's quite heavy, but then again, mine is the largest size. The smaller ones will naturally not weigh quite as much.
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  3. I love the all soft, but not sure how heavy it is! The belt bag feels heavy to me as well, unless you get one of the smallest sizes, and the clasp is annoying to use. Cabas and all soft both seem very functional.