Inverted stars - guess who!

  1. More CGI fun... these celebs have had their eyes and smiles inverted onto their faces. So, all the bits belong to the star, it's just upside down - makes for some, er, interesting results!


  2. [​IMG]

  3. [​IMG]


  4. [​IMG]

  5. OMG, now I am soo gonna have nightmares about him:


  6. yeah they freaked me out too....creepy!
  7. freaky
  8. the only one that looks good is the Scarlett photo. that is straight modeling
  9. OMG these are hilarious! My 3 year old is looking at these and just dying of laughter!
  10. yeah, she really doesn't look that different. Odd.
  11. I just had a light-bulb moment!

    * off to find digital pictures of the ex *
  12. These are freaky.
  13. Omg.....
  14. Who is this? I can't tell!

    These had me :roflmfao: although Tom Cruise is going to give me nightmares too...
  15. :lol: very funny but some are downright scary