Inventory update - What have you seen, and where?

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    Discussion continued from this thread. Please don't post items you are looking for - these can go in your signature. Thanks!
  2. SCP has been lamenting about lack of inventory. Nice to hear they at least got something current season in the leathers/skins. This is progress.
  3. Gris perle togo shoulder birkin PHW and 30 birkin, same specs being shown to client in Sydney. The client also tried on black croc diamond birkin.

    Kelly lakis etoupe swift PHW. At 14k, more expensive than 35 birkin!
  4. Wow!! Thanks for the info, did the client get the gris perle 30 Birkin? Is it possible for me to call the Sydney store and purchase the bag with my Aussie credit card , and then get my cousin to pick the bag up for me? TIA:biggrin:

    PS you all know my SO for a Pink birkin (single colour) was canceled by Paris, 2 months ago, I was wondering whether anyone has seen any pink birkin or kelly recently in Australia? Thanks..
  5. I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to your questions! I was there before lunch time if that helps.
  6. Thank you bags to die for:ty:

    Can I ask one more question? Do you remember whether the 30B has many prominant "veins"? TIA

    I'll give Sydney store a call on Monday, (I assume they are close for Sunday as well?)
  7. Sydeny store is open on Sundays from 11-4.........:p
  8. Just saw a stunning Black shiny croc 30cm with diamonds birkin at Sloan Street in London. Any takers?
  9. Wasn't the black croc breath-taking? :nuts: Sanguine JPG birkin in Togo phw at Sloane Street. It was really orangey, not at all like the blood-orange I was made to believe. More like the H orange with a muted tint of red. Still lovely!! Also an Amethyst shiny croc Constance wallet a little over £5.8k.
  10. Black JPG2 at KOP yesterday, and a black kelly flat as well.
  11. Marisa you are right!! From the leather samples I was made to believe that it will be like the inside of the sanguine fruit but in reality (I saw Doremi bag in sanguine) is like the outside NOT orange like orange but with a hint of pink or red! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks sydspy:biggrin: I just called the Sydney store, and the guy on the phone said it was gone :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  13. Amsterdam Bijenkorf Hermes:

    - orange 27 Bolide, don't know leather (looked like chevre)
    - black 31 Bolide Clemence phw

    in the window:
    - huge travel Bolide, gold I think
    - Birkin 30 or 35 (seen from a distance) in Iris phw
    - Kelly 32 clemence retourne orange phw
  14. ^ oh and also a Victoria FT in the new Veau Grizzly :yes:
  15. what is veau grizzly? there was a picture on the Hermes website and it looked like suede
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