Inventory update - NM Somerset

  1. TONS of stock there on Friday - hopefully some are still available!

    Astrakan: large black tote and bowler
    Bubble Quilt: dark white and dark brown flaps, dark brown bowler
    Perfect Day: large and small black doctors bags (SO CUTE)
    Le Marais: "black" gold flap, true black and "black" gold totes
    Modern Chain: black N/S tote, brown hobo, black and brown E/W totes
    Timeless CC: beige and black satchels - I really love this style
    GST: bordeaux, black
    Color Pop: red clutch
    8 Knots: large tote in black, small tote in grey (love!)
    Pearl Reissue Flap
    Wallets - the new long glazed ones are there, in black and I think red

    I also saw what I guess are small Cambon reporters upstairs at the clothing boutique. Black on black, I believe

    Lisa is happy to have sold the two blue python flaps to pfers and I'm sure will welcome more bidness :p (248) 635-8442
  2. That is an impressive list. Even though I am only in an and out of the US its great to see what is available where. What do you mean by " 8 knots" and "perfect day"?

  3. ^ those are two newer lines. I think Roey posted trunk show pics that shows both of them...
  4. Thanks! Will peruse.....