inventory update @ my NM

  1. today I saw:
    -3 BEAUTIFUL reissues on a chain - silver, gold or bronze I think{?} and an AMAZING navy blue metallic!:drool:
    -Silvery white Cotton Club Tote - thought these were out{?}, is last one in Company, also had the bronze and silvery white pochettes.
    -RED Madison Flap
    -lots of GSTs and PSTs in white and black w/ both colors of hardware.
    -lots of different color Medallion bags
    -a couple of Expandable drawstring bags
    -lots of Brooklyn Ligne pieces
    -red Rock smaller flap and huge Rock flap in black.
  2. thanks swanky! no timeless accordian flap? i saw a woman carrying one yesterday and i think i have to have it.
  3. oh yeah!!! I tried it on!!!
    I NEEED that bag! Shannon had a black one and a white one:love:
    The boutique was full, seemed like she had a little of everything. . it was beautiful man! LOL!
  4. and...are you getting it? i've struggled with flaps because while i love the look, they don't really suit my life. the accordian seems to be big enough to fit all my junk and keep me organized. i think i may have to call shannon...
  5. yes, it's top on my short list right now:yes
    It's great because it's big inside like a tote, but classic like the Chanel we love.
    Calssic Flaps just aren't me, but this is like an in between, I LOVE it!
  6. I bet the gold gst/pst with the gold hw is so pretty. Swanky, thanks for the temptation... I mean update.
  7. uh oh!! I didn't mean gold GST!! I meant black - oh drats! I'll edit it now, what a dingbat!
  8. I actually tried the bag in white AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! The washed caviar is great, it has tons of room. Bigger than it seems. I'd love to see it in beige. Blooingdales ordered it in black and white, and NM has the timeless without the leather chain. I think that Saks might have the beige, no? Also, the icons bag in patent [$1050] is just darling. It's really not that small either. Sorry I don't have a photo. It comes in black, pink and a georgous light blue. OOOOh and the pink east/west with the new chain is so much prettier in person! I put my bad old self on the list at Bergdorfs.
    Sorry for the long post. I was a busy bee in NYC las weekend!:yahoo:

  9. same as you, I'd like to see the beige...and what about the icons bag..which one is it?? :confused1: I love patent!! please give me more infooo...

    anyone has the dimension for the accordian flap?
  10. Thanks! I love the accordion flap!
  11. Thanks for posting this, appreciate it~
  12. I just received the accordian flap in "orange" (it is a rusty/brick color) and it is AMAZING!!!
  13. ^^ the orange color sounds amazing!

    Thanks for the info swanky!
  14. So sorry that I didn't respond. The bags that I saw were small, patent with one chain. Thet had camillas and writing on them. They came in light blue, blazck and, I think light pink. I can't find a photo. You can find out info from Bloomingdales, NYC. Hope this helps!