inventory report from las vegas

  1. HI everyone! Just wanted to give a report on what the Las Vegas BV has right now.
    Ottone medium cabat
    ottone flap clutch
    Ferro sloane and Roma
    several small items in magnolia on sale (large cosmetic zip case, credit card cases, keychain, etc)
    bronze flap messenger bag (sale-30% off)
    lots of cruise items
    Also at Corso Collections in Caesars Palace there is a ferro pyramid which is just gorgeous!
    Hope this helps anyone looking for those hard to find colors like ottone and ferro!
  2. Wow, there are still some Magnolia pieces floating around! someone will snap up those Ferro items!

    Thanks for the report, Ouija.
  3. the ottone flap clutch -- is it the cosmetic clutch or the regular size clutch?
  4. Sum-it's the regular size clutch, about twice the size of the cosmetic case.
  5. Gosh, great report ob! I sure hope NWPurselover saw the info on the Ferro Pyramid - I saw she was off her computer for a few days....
  6. ^^I did post about the ferro pyramid on her thread about getting a moro pyramid from bluefly, but noticed she was not online either--hoping she see's it!
  7. ^I read she was moving so her computer was packed, oh no!

    Your report reminds me my first IRL experience with BV was at Corsa Collections last December. At the time I was recovering from a major Chloe/Chanel year and was browsing instead of buying, so even though BV peaked my curiosity I didn't bother wandering into BV at Bellagio. Big BIG regrets!!
  8. OB, did you know that the 2nd BV boutique in Las Vegas at the new Palazzo will be opening on January 17th 2008? One more store to go to while in Vegas :smile:
  9. OB, thank you for the info. Due to travelling and illness, I felt like being disconnected with the outside world. Looks like most of the sales items are gone, except the small accessories.
  10. thanks ob. l am crossing my fingers that this will be available here
  11. Oh dear, one more place for me to get into trouble! As if BV and H aren't bad enough now I'll have 2 BV's to go to! I was lucky the Prada store in Bellagio was closed for renovations; I usually do some damage there too! Where is the Palazzo?
  12. There were a few gems on the sale shelf. The club stripe montaigne, bronzo messenger (shown in ferro in the catalog), the ombre totes. But, yeah, mostly small items left. Hope you are feeling better!
  13. ^^^ They be another H too when Wynns new tower opens late '08!
  14. Thanx OB for the stock report. I'm recovering, eventhought slowly. On the other hand, that means I get to save the $$ for S/S 2008 collection, or tne next round of sale. Always hope for the positive!! :smile::smile:
  15. The Palazzo is right next to the Venetian. I was there on the opening night 12/30/07. There will be a Barney's New York, too!!! But we didn't have much luck there, since we all lost playing there.:cursing:

    I didn't get to go in the BV store this time (too busy running around and playing :p), but I did walked by it on New Year's Eve right before the fireworks. Everything was closed already. I saw an orange ostrich duffle from FW06 - the only thing that caught my eyes from far away.