Inventory Question about eLuxury

  1. Ok here is my question -- why does eLuxury run out of items? You would think that being part of LVHM, they would have a better supply chain system set up to ensure that the permanent collections are in stock for the most part or are at least quickly replenished.

    Sorry -- I am ranting but I am TIRED of waiting to use my eLuxury credit because they never have the Mono Sirius 45 in stock. :hysteric:
  2. That's a good question. You should call one of their reps and ask. But they probably wouldn't know, either. Sorry you haven't been able to get your bag.
  3. This is just my theory, so don't quote me.

    But I think eLuxury is just like a large LV boutique... they get items sent to their warehouses just like every other LV boutique. So items are allocated to different places and eLuxury gets only a certain amount like every other store.
  4. ^That's more than a theory! Eluxury is allocated a certain amount of the basic collection to sell online. You have to remember they are still new to selling a luxury item on the internet. LV prefers to customers to go to the boutique instead.
    I find the inventory is replenished when there is a special occasion like Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas.
  5. i wish the 'item out of stock' page wouldn't pop up on me so much though....
  6. lol, that means you all have great taste!
  7. In another thread here, somebody remarked that eLux inventory may appear to fluctuate more than it does if a lot of people put things in the cart and then don't buy them. Evidently it takes a couple of hours for the carts to timeout, so "hot" items (like the heart coin purse) can fluctuate between showing available and out of stock. It sounds frustrating, but from what I hear the status of something on eLux can fluctuate by the hour, so keep checking if there's something you really want!