Inventory in Saks Columbus, Ohio with the old price

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  1. I want to share this with you. I just received this from my SA in Columbus, Ohio. She's in Saks and she said she's still able to ring the old price.

    -"jumbo" brown with silver hardware $2650
    -"large" navy, brown, beige caviar with gold hardware $2425
    -beige GST with gold $2125
    -red GST with silver $2125
    -black large tote gold and silver "surf" styleA15206 $2400
    -beige large tote bag style A15206 "surf" with gold hardware $2400
    -small tote bag with gold hardware style A20994 $1495
    -small tote bag with gold hardware $2125 style A18004
    -caviar classic bag with flap gold or silver hardware style A35731 $1895
    -classic caviar black with silver chain style A35200 $1850
    -"marine" large lamb with silver chair $2695
    -rouge lamb with silver chain $2695
    -mini black, rouge & dark blue lamb skin with silver chain style #A35200 $1995
    -black and beige tote bag with silver style #A01804
    -beige tote with gold hardware style A01804 $2125

    cell phone number is 614 581 3142 and her work number is 614 430 3500 ext 360

    Tell her Jessica send you! Best of luck!
  2. thx for sharing~!:smile:
  3. caviar classic bag with flap gold or silver hardware style A35731 $1895
    is it beige?
  4. I'm not sure. Try to call/ text message my SA. She's really responsive.
    Good luck :smile:
  5. Thanks for posting!! I think there was someone looking for the Cerf. Tote.
  6. marine is tempting!
  7. I got the medium light beige caviar.... Thanks for posting jess!
  8. Congrats!!