Inventory at the corner berlin!!

  1. Hi ladys and Gents...:p
    hope ur doing fine;)
    Just came back from a weekend in Berlin and it was very high balenciaga spirited..(thats all I say for now...more in a reveal thread later..:smile:)
    Just wanted to tell u quick what the corner has in store right now..they were super nice and even put stuff on hold for me..

    So here we go..from what I remember
    Firsts: red/sandstone/ivory/black/violet
    city:plomb RH
    parttime:vert d'eau with GGH(stunning
    Hobos:Jaune(GSH)/Tomato(GSH)/White(GSH)/blue(dunt remeber which one)GGH
    Brief:Jaune RH
    Weekender:Black/White RH
    The bigger brief style(forgot how it was called):pine with GGH,SteelGGH

    I have to admit that I was SOOOO stunned by the dark green(pine?") it had the moooost gorgeous leather and the green was dark but intense at the same time...sigh...drool
    they do take intl orders with creditcards and are super nice
    10117 BERLIN

    PHONE+49 30 20 670 940FAX+49 30 20 670 941 mail@thecornerberlin.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

    10:30 AM - 7:30 PM
    10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  2. thanks so much for the info!!
  3. your more than welcome
  4. Thanks so much! Do you remember what the prices were?
  5. Oula, do you happen to know the price for the Tomato Day GSH?:sweatdrop:
    Also do you remember whats the leather like on the Tomato?
    TIA :heart:
  6. prices for the GH hobos were 890Euro I think...same as for the first(didnt know they were the same price?!??)
    The tomato really was an eaycatcher...I'm not quite sure but I think they had it with GGH too?!
    leather was really nice on the reds, also on the first...violet was very shiny and not as smooth but I still kinda liked it...
    Good Luck :heart:
  7. Thanks Oula!
  8. Yes, Pine is a gorgeous colour!