Inventory at Saks and Niemens Troy, MI

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I took a trip out to somerset collection to pick out my bday present, my boyfriend said i could have a chanel necklace.

    Here is what I saw:


    Jewlry: Some baby animals, and a black and rhinestone bangle.

    Wallets: A few of the old cambon style, some other small card holders.

    Bags: 2 Reisses, large, one in a gold and the other a navy patent, both with gold hardware.

    No other reissues, just basic classics in black.

    A cotton club tote and bowler, forgot colors.

    Several perforated bags in black, white, red.

    Black and white cambon bowler, white basic bowler, and a few others i forgot.


    Cotton club pouchettes 895 price one in each color of silver, blue, and brown/kacki.

    Cotton club tote.

    Several perforated bags in white, few other colors i forgot.

    Didnt see reissues.

    Only baby animals and butterfly necklace.

    So thats it.

    I will have to have SO order my necklace but thats what i saw.

    Sorry about my crappy spelling lol.
  2. Hey that is one of my favorite places to go ,The Somerset Collection :yahoo: ! I am glad there are some other people from South East Michigan on here ! I live in a smaller city where people think Somerset is in Detriot !
  3. hey choozen1, i agree its the best mall ever
  4. I love that mall! Which necklace do you want?
  5. I am from Canada but I looooove going to Somerset too, it's like heaven! haha Thanks for the info!