Inventory at Nordstroms Sacto, CA

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  1. Okay ladies I was just there this morning and this is what they have:

    First: Bleu India (really pretty leather), truffle, camel and black
    Twiggy: Black
    City: Rouge, Black, Emerald
    Part Time: Camel, Black
    Day/Hobo: Rouge (Gorgeous), Emerald
    Ghost: Greige, Rouge (I think)

    Hope this helps..the bleu india caught my eye, I had never seen it in person..very pretty!!
  2. Oh and they had a Truffle part time or city..can't remember which!!
  3. someone NEEDS that rouge city...its been there for weeks! gorgeous leather..if it wasnt so bright, i would have bought it :smile:
  4. thanks for the update!
  5. I believe the Day is Sapin, not Emerald. I've seen it in person and it's too dark to be Emerald.
  6. Um... which style is the ghost? :confused1: I don't think I have seen pictures of it before.
  7. ^This is the ghost pic on AtelierNaff...


  8. Hi Sagranch!

    Are you sure it was a ghost you saw :wtf: or could it have been the oval clutch? I've been looking for a ghost for a while. Can you describe the shape for me? thanks!!!:love:
  9. Ladies I am so's not the ghost, thankfully slinks helped me out on that it is the aulmoniere. I guess the ghost has been sorry about that:sad::sad:
  10. how have the sales at nordies been going? I think you gals should all start ordering from them so that we dont loose balenciaga from this nordstrom LOL.
  11. My Nordstroms near me is one of the largest in the Country (they say anyway)and yet not one Bbag to be had. They do have an awesome Chloe department though. I am sooo happy when I move in 3 weeks that NM Scottsdale carries a pretty good selection of Bbags...I'm gonna be one happy broke girl!
  12. I would never buy one from that nordstroms..they are all out on display for everyone's nasty hands to touch and they don't have back stock on any of them PLUS I don't like the SA's there PLUS we don't have to pay tax from BalNY!!
  13. ^^ woah! ok, that was a little nasty LOL

    how do you know the ones you get from balny arent displays? or arent touched by the 'nasty SA's LOL
  14. everytime i see all the balenciagas here i feel like i've died and gone to heaven haha
  15. They actually do have backstock until they get to the very last bag in any given style or color. Plus some of the SAs are great and really go out of their way to help. I suggest working with Patrice--she's been fabulous to me.