Invent This !!!!

  1. Is there a beauty product you would love to invent, or wish someone would ?

    I would like to see a shaving cream that removes unwanted hair forever.
  2. That would be awesome!! :yes: I hate shaving/waxing
  3. How about eyeliner and or mascara that removes itself at the snap of your fingers...LOL...wishful!!!!!!!
  4. I would just love an eyeliner that goes on perfectly smooth. (you know, you get that perfect thin line that just accents your lash line!)

    Or a lipgloss that actually lasts forever that isn't too sticky!
  5. For me, it would have to be a PERFECT foundation. You know, one that is a perfect match for your skintone, takes seconds to apply and NEVER looks streaky or heavy, does not break you out, lasts all day yet never looks or feels 'gunky' and makes your skin look AMAZING. :yes:
  6. yes!! definitely a perfect foundation, one that specailizes in NOT seeping into your pores! also, something tht does not feel sticky and nasty!!!
  7. I'd go with the shaving one...shave once and it never ever ever grows back *sigh*