Invent a bag

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  1. If you could creat ea bag using different LV pieces or combining LV with others what would you make?
    (pictures please for those of us who don't know all the bags)

    I would take the Fendi B Bag and make it with VERNIS
    (wish I had photoshop and I could creat it here)



    = :love:
  2. i just want Perle and Pomme d'Amour speedy~:crybaby: also Med Damier Koala agenda.....
    Vernis Alma will do too...
  3. Pomme d'Amour speedy
    OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS:heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. pomme d'amour speedy, damier ebene noe...
  5. -Damier Soft Briefcase

    Not a bag, but:
    -LV shoes that are actually comfortable
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. epi Soufflot & Speedy in Marshmallow / Rose pink & Baby Blue from Vernis
    Vernis Baby Blue Bedford.jpg Vanilla Soufflot with Small Trousse.JPG
  8. ohhh i think it would be amazing if they made black vernis...
  9. Epi Cabas Mezzo
  10. I want Epi made available in Balenciaga colors!
  11. I would make a noe that is more rectangular and not squared in the bottom with a long strap to carry across the body and with a zipper on top instead of that cord
  12. I am such a fan of the speedy - and I have the 25 and love it but sometimes I want it just a little bigger - but not as big as the I would like to create the speedy 28!
  13. I would love a vernis speedy or a groom speedy 30.
  14. Yes! I am surprised they don't make black vernis because I think it would be pretty popular! If they had them in the store I would probably buy one today :graucho:They made a black damier vernis line a few years ago, it was limited edition, but it was stunning- check this out:
  15. I'd want a Mono version of the Denim Baggy PM (or GM) nice and squishy.