Intuition online code 25% off

  1. I just got a coupon code for 25% off your ENTIRE order. It expires on the 30th of this month. Go to and use the code HANDPICKED.

    Hope you all get some good shopping done!:yahoo:
  2. ah man. my email said that I was the "it" shopper and that I was "handpicked". made me feel special for a minute:smile:
  3. Just want to add the pretty little email graphic, thanks to shmoo88 :heart:

  4. Yaybies! Thanks y'all!
  5. wow thats pretty good.... i just wish it wasn't shop intuition. JUST A WARNING for you ladies...

    if you havent shopped there already, a lot of my orders from there took more than 5 weeks to come in. They sent the order to some weird address on my other order and it took FOREVER to file a claim with fedex. It was horrible and i know a few other pfers who had problems with intuition as well..

    so just leltting you guys know that you should not be expecting fast shipping from this place.
  6. thanks for the code. sucks shipping is so slow.
  7. Shipping is slow, but they do warn you. For each item, it will say on the bottom how long it takes to ship, so don't forget to read that fine print. I ordered a Botkier bag from them once, and surprisingly it came at a reasonable time. I think it depends on what you order. Some things arrive quicker. 25% off is a good deal, but I have yet to see anything I want.
  8. Thanks for the code.
  9. I have ordered from there in the past. Their customer service was great but the shipping was slow. All in all, 25% off can make it worth it!