Introductory thread, with a question

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  1. I my name is Susana and i'm a 21 years old girl from Portugal.

    I'm in the university and i had an idea for a project, an handbag that worked like noki cell phones ;) whant i mean is that, we can actually change it, like it had covers ;)

    So we could have one bag structure that allowed us to have much more, for different ocasions, or even for different moods :smile:

    What do you think about this?
  2. It woule be great but a tough task! It reminds me of the "wooden handle" reversible bags of the early 80s. The kind that you buttoned and unbuttoned at the handles to change the bag. Hope you can come up with a cuter one than that!LOL:nuts: Good luck!
  3. They were called "Bahama bags" in the 60s I think. The Holy Grail of Bahama Bags was to somehow manage to get one in the same awful little tonal floral print as your Peter-Pan-collared Villager blouse. This usually required purchasing two identical blouses and persuading a sewing relative to cut one up. It was a sick and unnatural time in fashion history. Try not to hate. We are all very sorry.