Introductions are in order!

  1. Hello Hermes lovers!! I've been an avid follower of tPF ever since I luckily scored my first beauty this past weekend, and I only wish that I had come to this site earlier!! This is my first ever posting, and I thought I would introduce my story to you all... It has always been my dream to own a Hermes bag, and my DH shared that dream with me. So after the birth of my 3rd child this summer, my husband told me his gift to me was to get me my first bag. Unfortunately, I did not do my homework ahead of time and did not know to come here to do my research. While on vacation over Labor Day weekend, my husband chatted up with an SA (he has that amazing ability to charm anyone) and less than 2 months later, the SA called me to hightail over 100 miles to the store immediately (I had a 2 hour limit!!!) because my bag had suddenly become available. So on October 27, 2007 I became a proud owner of a 32cm black Kelly in togo with PH!! It is truly the perfect first bag, don't you think?! Now that I have gained my SA's trust, and unknowingly become sucked into an extremely expensive habit, my SA had graciously decided I was worthy enough to place a SO for a Birkin! I've been following your stories, and have slowly dreamed up what my 2nd bag should be. So many thanks to you all, and I hope to get to know everyone better!!!
  2. hi kelly32! tks for sharing your story - it brought a smile to my face that your husband is such a sweetie.

    WELCOME & i am very sure you will find lots of friends here - the gals here are great!
  3. What a great hubby-- and congrats on your Birkin SO!

    Welcome to the H side!
  4. thanks, bbbochap! i just hope I don't get into trouble because I find it really hard to concentrate on work when I'm on this site... I keep it minimized all the time!!
  5. Welcome to TPF and congrats on getting a lovely kelly!x
  6. do post pics of your new kelly if you like to 'show her off' - im sure the gals here wld love to share your joy too. :biggrin:

    there are loads to read there - tpf is contagious & addictive, lol :biggrin:
  7. Congrats and welcome!!
  8. Welcome to the ORANGE side, kelly32. Congrats on your first H bag, Black Togo Kelly no least. Btw, you sound like me at work. :p
  9. Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome!!! I really do feel like a little girl trying to fit in with the popular crowd here... Everyone really seems so great and supportive. I promise as soon as I figure out how to post pics, I will share my joy with you all!!! And believe me, there are LOTS of pics I took already.
  10. ms piggy, you are the reason i got the courage to post my first message. your big reveal was AWESOME!!
  11. Welcome:heart: congrats on your Kelly. Enjoy and wear her in good health.
  12. That's a lovely story, kelly32. Welcome! Do post the pics asap! Click on the yellow icon that says "insert image" and go on from there.
  13. ^ Can't wait for the pics. I just got my first H, a 32cm Gold Togo Kelly a few days before yours.
  14. razorbackbelle, i can't wait to see your bag!!
  15. Welcome and congrats! Will you post a pic of your first kelly for us? I bet she's stunning.:smile: