Introduction :)

  1. Hi! I'm new here, but I've been lurking for a little bit.

    My name is Jamie and I have a problem with handbags :smile:

    I just started getting obsessed with Coach. I have a bag that my mother gave me in the eighties, I think, a little green leather one, I have no idea of the style name. I have a swing pack and an iPod case and now suddenly, everything I buy needs to be either Coach or Kipling. Kipling because they're waterproof and sturdy suckers. Coach, well, because they're gorgeous.

    I just bought, within the last 3 weeks, a Soho small flap, a new iPod case and yesterday I picked up an adorable suede demi at TJ Maxx.

    My husband thinks I'm nuts and my oldest daughter is thrilled because she gets the hand-me-downs when I get bored with them.

    I think my next purchase will be the COACH SOHO TWEED SMALL SATCHEL in blue. As long as my darling dearest isn't in danger of a heart attack around that time. Why is it that men can spend $500 on a GPS and $400 on a fishing pole but purses shouldn't be more than $50?? UGH!!

    So, that's me :smile:
  2. Welcome!!!
  3. Welcome, you will love it here. Everyone is so friendly & helpful. :welcome:
  4. Welcome! Your husband and mine can have adjoining rooms when they have their coronaries (except rather than GPS and fishing poles, mine is into expensive TVs and video game systems!). Anyway, you'll love it here! And I used to own the satchel you're talking about (got sucked in by a book tote I felt I'd use a lot more, so I exchanged it even though it pained me) and it was sooo cute- you'll love it (assuming it doesn't kill your husband! LOL!).
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome!!!
  7. Welcome! And, if you can, you should post pictures of your new stuff!
  8. Welcome!
  9. Thank you for the welcome!!

    I added a pic of my itty bitty collectionto my sig. Let me know if it's too big.

    If anyone knows what the green one is, let me know please. My mother gave it to me forever ago and I only carry it when 1) it matches what I'm wearing 2) I only need to carry my wallet and a lip gloss.
  10. yay! i recently got into coach too! well last friday to be exact! LOL my mom gives me her old bags too! post some pics =D
  11. your daughter is so lucky to get your hand-me-downs!
  12. OMG - we married the SAME MAN! The box his GPS came in is even sitting in front of me on the desk here (stil...after 7 months...but we won't go there) with the big "$499.00" price tag on it! heheh

    I'm a newbie here too...welcome to the black hole...I swear, since I've found this place, my "wish list" has gotten quite longer.

    Welcome again!

  13. Oh wow! I am in the right place. Mine bought the xbox 360 just 2 weeks ago because he didn't want to wait for christmas. He doesn't give me flack about buying bags, but does make comments that I am obsessed.
  14. Welcome, I am new too! Nice collection! I have the swing pack and love it.
    The green looks coach like to me. If you could post a photo of just the green maybe someone could identify it.
  15. Welcome! I'm new to Coach too! I discovered higher end handbags a year ago and have finally landed here... obsessed with Coach! LOL! (I love indie designers too!) I now own 2 coach bags, 1 wristlet and 1 wallet! Oh, and a charm and just ordered a key ring! LOL! My hubby is on his way to buy a snowmobile today.... he doesn't have a leg to stand on! ;) :lol: