1. Hi I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany and I am new to this. However, I am interested in getting first hand information about purchasing authentic bags from websites that offer substantial discount. I just don't want to spend top dollar if I don't have to.:yes: I am in search of authentic Chloe bags but want to know more about sites that offer them. I know I can always go to Sak's, Nordstrom or Neiman's but my goodness I can not see paying that much for a bag. I have tuititon I have to pay.:yes: Can anyone help me?
  2. Hello and welcome. Authentic and substantial discounts usually do not go hand in hand. You can pick them up at dept stores during F&F sales, assuming the brand is not excluded but these sales are rare. Every now and then you can find designer bags with a decent discount on bluefly. And if you order from you can save a few hundred bucks. Theres always ebay for used bags but its risky. Whatever you do check in the Authenticate This subforum if you have questions about a particular store or ebay seller. There are alot of shady places out there on the net
  3. you can try bluefly, but the good stuff goes quick and they've had problems with some fake balenciagas recently. your best bet is to get good at spotting fakes and troll ebay.