Introduction to this side of the world :)

Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
Hi don't ask me why LOL but despite being on and off this whole forum/ website for years I just never ventured over to this side of the world...instead having spent all my time about shoes, bags and jewelry mainly even thought my pets are my life and I have a HUGE love for animals.

So I thought I would just barge right in and introduce my clan if I could and then I'll mosy on about the rest of the threads to start posting more here as well. :smile:

Currently I just have 2 dogs, both golden retrievers and a rabbit.

My 2 dogs, Glory and Freedom are getting older. Glory is the girl and she is 10 1/2 and has recently been diagnosed with cancer :cry: She is still acting like herself though so I'm trying not to worry about it too much at this point and per the vet, he just says to let her live it out as any kind of surgeries, etc. will just speed up the progression. We aren't 100% sure what kind of cancer as of now since he doesn't want to do byopsies or surgeries, but she has a polyp on her rear end (kinda disgusting, looks like a cherry sticking out) as well as a tumor about the size of a grapefruit on her shoulder. Nothing bothers her though and she is still ornery and stubborn as ever lol

My boy Freedom will be 9 here in March and is a true mommas boy, scared of his own shadow type lol Never leaves my side but is a very good listener...unlike Glory. Both of them live to go to the park and swim!

Our house rabbit is a harlequin striped and mainly taken care of by my daughter, but a cutey nonetheless with a huge rabbit condo!

I have also recently gotten back into horseback riding. I used to ride years ago and got into some jumping at that time, but stopped shortly after that. I used to ride regularly and despite not officially leasing, I pretty much did everything that I would otherwise years ago, but without the cost. So after getting back in the saddle a few months ago, I realized how much I missed it and I have recently started to get back into it and despite mainly riding western previously (except for jumping), I want to really train more on english style. I'll plan to visit the equestrian thread as well.

Just a few pics to add and then I'll stop boring you with my life LOL The dog sitting up is Glory, the one laying down is Freedom and then the horse is a mare I was recently riding (excuse the hair and appearance, it was one of the coldest days we have had in FL this winter..I think it was about 38 degrees that morning) so I was more concerned over being warm than anything else!

Look forward to spending more time over here on this side! :smile:


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Feb 20, 2008
Welcome to the furry side :smile:

Your Golden's are beautiful. I'm so sorry about Glory's diagnosis but if it's any consolation it seems the ornery ones have more fight in them and tend to survive longer than others. Fingers crossed that she is high in the ornery scale :smile: Freedom has such a soft and gentle expression - you can tell he is a love.

It's great to hear that you're back riding again and your mare looks sweet. My mare will be turning 8 in march. I bought her as a yearling and with the help of my wonderful trainer, she's turning out to be an amazing girl - way more talented than I am LOL!


My baby, Bellis
Aug 8, 2006
Hi and welcome to the land of the crazy pet people. :P Your babies are all gorgeous. We love stories and especially pics here on the furry side. :welcome2:


Apr 8, 2012
Midwest, USA
Since I found this forum, I find I spend more time over here than on the other forums. Love animals of all kinds. You're with a good group of people that like to support each other through the good and the bad.

I'm really sorry to hear about your baby's illness. I went through cancer with my cat several years ago, so I understand how hard it is.


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
Hello. My moms lab also is diagnosed but seems fine. We did remove one tumor,and are watching her. She was a rescue and her age is between 9-12. But she is a great dog.

I have 2 cats. Welcome to the playground, I like the animals then the makeup area and the nail polish threads. My Chanel makeup rep was surprised I knew what was coming before her.