Introduction and pictures of my new scarves

  1. Hi - I joined yesterday, at the suggestion of Kallie Girl. My name is Linda, and I am just starting my H collection, so I know that I have a lot to learn. After tods123 post about the Spring collection, I knew I couldn't wait a minute longer! I went to the store (I live in NYC) with a list. The SA was either impressed or annoyed, I'm still not sure, but we had a blast. She is a freelance art curator also, and really had a good flair for colors that worked with me and my hair, skin, etc. I ended up with three scarves and an enamel bracelet that actually goes with each of the scarves. The pictures aren't as good of quality as tods', but you can get the idea. I'm in H heaven right now.

    Enjoy -



  2. Hi Linda and welcome.

    Your new purchases are just gorgeous. Congratulations!
  3. Welcome Linda, beautiful scarves! I am glad my post was of use to you.
  4. Hi Linda! You chose fab scarves. Congrats on all your new finds.

    Tods123 is dangerous to many of us, but no one ever wants to step away from the computer. I cannot tell you the number of times she's led me right into temptation...
  5. Hi Linda, love the scarfs I am new to Hermes also. Do you know the names of the beautiful first pink one and the cream and gold (I think) last one? I live in London, would love to get at least one of them.
  6. Whoa, Linda!!! Those scarves are fabulous... really stunning choices! They each are so different yet go with your new enamel. How totally cool!!!

    Guys, I met Linda on one of the Maltese boards and we met IRL when I was in NYC last summer for a wedding. We (including her Maltese, Bonnie) headed straight for H! So, we both have Maltese and Hermès as our passions.

    Linda, you will learn soooo much here! It's amazing!
  7. Congratualtions on the beautiful scarves and bracelet! Welcome Linda!!! You will find a lot of enablers here, so make room for more H!!!
  8. Hi Linda, welcome to the board. I am new here also and if you notice my signature, next on my want list is an Hermes scarf. I love the first two scarves you posted. Do you have the names of them?
  9. Absolutely gorgeous scarves and bracelet Linda! And WELCOME!
  10. Welcome Linda, great selection, congrats!!
  11. Welcome Linda!! Your scarves and bracelet are beautiful. You're off to a great start with H. What's your pooch's name -- he/she looks adorable!!
  12. Welcome Linda!! :welcome:

    Your new purchases are fab! I really like your Fantaisies Indiennes!! What a great color!! Enjoy!!
  13. Hi Linda - I am quiet new to this forum, though I have been way too actively collecting H and am in a couple of other collector groups as well. You will love your new purchases - they are beautiful. I also looked at the Caparacorns - I love the fuchsia shade. Instead, I ended up with Marwari - the one with the horses with jeweled headresses - the background color is very similar, if not identical. I love your Alphabet Russe bangle - I have the scarf in a couple of colors and have never been lucky enough to see the bangle IRL in the boutique here. Did you do your shopping at the new Wall St. boutique or on Madison Ave?
  14. Welcome Linda, You chose some very nice scarves;and beat the price increase!

    My friend maggiemoo also has a Maltese and lives in New York.
  15. Welcome Linda....I love all your choices and the colors are fabulous!