Introduction and a question :)

  1. Hi, this is my first post. This is such a great forum :yes: I'm kinda new to the world of higher end handbags and I'm having a problem with my Coach duffle (Chocolate brown from last fall). The leather is lovely but very slippery. I'm having trouble keeping the strap from sliding off my shoulder. Is there anything I could get to maybe wrap around the shoulder strap to give it more grip ? Or, is this a no no ? Help !

    On a different note, this forum is totally making me want a Hayden-Harnett bag :drool:

  2. Welcome Kathy!
  3. Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not really sure what can keep the straps up. Maybe a scarf?
  4. Welcome, I know you will find this site very informative!!! I have been active on the board now for about a month and have already learned so much....there's so much information on this board!!
  5. :welcome:
  6. I totaly agree about this forum making you want to have a hayden harnett. I never even heard of the brand until this forum, but I'm glad I now know the line, because I've been craving one too!!!! Anyways welcome : )
  7. Welcome Kathy & DaGirl!!! :smile: ......So Glad You Are Here!!!!!
  8. welcome to the forum.. and about the straps...i have no idea.. i experienced that as well with my dior bag.. i just keep changing it...
  9. Welcome. And my personal advice? The longer you carry it, the more it will conform to your shoulder, and that will no longer be a problem. I would say until then, a scarf is not a bad idea, but be mindful of where it is on your shoulder in public!:yes:
  10. Welcome..I love that choc brown in the coach bags! I think the above is true but now I have to ask about the scarf placement thing??? (Curiosity)
  11. Welcome!!!
  12. Maybe you can post your question on the Coach forum. I don't have an answer. I've had some bags that do that and don't know what the solution is. Good luck!