Introducting to you: RED VINTAGE JUMBO CAVIAR LARGE FLAP bag :)

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  1. I thought this bag deserved its own thread aside from the small mention in my other thread about the differences in strap lengths in the vintage jumbo flaps :tup:

    I acquired this amazing bag 2 months ago now but had it sent right off to Chanel repairs to clean it up a bit, came back to me 8 weeks later super nice, gorgeous lipstick red color, all clean and they even replaced the leather on the chain and replaced the hdw all over too

    (I had the $265 USD Chanel spa service for this one)

    I cannot say enough good stuff :heart: about the Chanel jumbo vintage large flaps...the nice big but cute CC logo, how they hold up very well from the 2 I own and they are the bags that I get stopped by other passerbys the MOST OFTEN and whenever Im in the Chanel boutique or NM or Saks, people always ask the SA where they can get the exact same bag I have LOL :shame:

    Here it is, finally home with me :yahoo:

    A very short reveal, they wrapped it up so nicely and stuffed it super well from Chanel repairs too

    Here it is peeking out after I took off the initial layers of paper

    Almost all uncovered now...

    YAY, here I am!!!

    Modeling pix--yes, as you may have noticed, this one came with straps that are the same length as my med/large Chanel black caviar flap bag (not vintage), odd right? But I think its the best length for me anyhow, just confusing since my vintage black lambskin jumbo flap has much longer straps...the Chanel manager I spoke with today told me each season they varied a little bit in either the material, the grommets, the hdw, strap length, even a mm longer or shorter (just things not noticeable to the naked eye)
  2. I didnt do the usual "Rounds" thread cos I've got a bunch of Saks EGC items coming my way and a few extra things I picked up from Chanel and NM that are waiting for me in-store

    Not sure if I'll get pics up for another 2-3 weeks as we're going out of town next week, then my Dad is visiting us in DC and then I'm off to LA for the


    USC v. Ohio State game weeeee

    Will try to post pics when I can and do the Round 5 :smile:
  3. omg this is the exact bag that ive always dreamt of!!! gorrrrgeoussssss baggg!!!!
  4. GORGEOUS!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! CONGRATS :heart::yahoo:
  5. Congratulations! It is such a great bag and a lovely colour. Hope you enjoy it.
  6. am feeling faint.........................................
  7. Your bag is Crazy Gorgeous! Love it! Congrats
  8. [​IMG]

    OH i like it so much !!! THIS IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL !
  9. Congrats to you on your beautiful red bag.
  10. That is the most beautiful bag........regarding the straps, just a thought, but some of my "vintage like me friends" have had their chains shortened over the years because they thought it kept the bags more in fashion, so maybe the original owner had the chain shortened., regardless., I am in love with it.........Congrats....:heart:H
  11. It is SO pretty!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  12. This bag is gorgeous! The red is astounding.
  13. What a great find! Congrats! :woohoo:
  14. [​IMG]


    It looks fabulous on you.....i love red caviar jumbo, she's a beauty.....Congrats!~:drool::nuts::yahoo::drool:
  15. Oh man shes GORGEOUS! I always thought to myself,, it would be great to find a vintage Jumbo Chanel in RED, and then you came along and showed me it can be a reality!! Love it, and it looks great on you!!![​IMG]