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  1. My completed wapity collection. :biggrin: My husband suprised me with the Black MC one on wednesday which completed my collection. Gotta love him. Now if they only made them in vernis and damier. :girlsigh:
  2. Oh how cute! They're adorable, CONGRATS!
  3. Very nice. Why everyone else has a nice romatic husband?:confused1: :p
  4. Very nice and sweet of your husband.
  5. Cute! What a sweet husband you have!
  6. cute pic!
  7. Cool, congrats!
  8. Very pretty!
  9. Very nice...really wish there is an Azur wapity!
  10. Cute!!Congrats!
  11. cute bags!
  12. I love the Wapity, so cute! What a sweet hubby!
  13. Triplets!!

    Very nice!!

    Which is your favorite one?
  14. lovely family!
  15. very nice collection!