Introducing What May Be The Most Beautiful Ferragamo Bag in the Known Galaxy

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Yay or Nay?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. But...(there is always that BUT), it is Quilted satin twill lined in leather. What say you? Shall I keep it?
    Feels like a sturdy bag; antique gold hardware, exterior back pocket, interior zip pocket, the strap is leather for Crossbody wear. Decisions, decisions...Help me out Ferra peeps!
    FA272026-A2F9-45C3-B5C7-D0DC26D1299A.jpeg EA4ED20D-8362-46E2-BDA7-B9577AA81F21.jpeg DFDADD32-4A99-4BD3-9631-7E5A8CDD1320.jpeg 12B646A3-03C6-401B-9364-420290C0C8CB.jpeg 4A157D57-8480-4E27-B18A-192B7AF25D34.jpeg F1EA1FBE-BCB8-4A0E-85E8-636BF59A676F.jpeg
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  2. It is an ambitious design but imo they would've done better reversing it so the leather is on the outside and the fabric is on the inside.
    I assume it's new? No knocks on you but imo it already reminds me of elderly people's homes with their fabric cushions and quilted comforters.
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  3. I love it. Absolutely stunning bag :smile: I want one too! Lol. It’s a definite keeper. ❤️
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  4. I agree, the leather should be on the outside. They did execute a studio bag in leather with this print. But c’mon, elderly people’s homes? :huh:Seriously? I’m not getting that vibe, but thanks for the reply! I do appreciate the input and opinion.:smile:
  5. If you don't want to keep this but like the style I believe Versace and Dolce do patterns in a similar way (only, more Italian arty vibes).
  6. Yes, look at Versace. I haven't looked lately so I don't know if they have anything currently.
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  7. My favorite part is the inside of the flap. If that was on the outside, I would like it better. I don't really care for the two colorways on the front.
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  8. I like it. Although as Whateve pointed out, the interior flap print looks nicer than the exterior ones. My concern would be that the fabric would be a dirt magnet. I've had a few Vera Bradley-style bags over the years and it always seemed like the fabric exterior was looking grimy after a month or two. So I'd toss it in the wash, it would fade, bleed, etc. No more of that. Seems like it would be a nightmare to keep clean especially with that leather interior.
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  9. Too much going on between the various prints, the giant hardware, and the logo quilting... The shape is also trying really hard to imitate a Chanel flap bag, already more successfully imitated by the Gucci Marmont series. :no:
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  10. I agree with the poster who said if it was reversed and the leather was outside and the fabric inside I’d like it. With the fabric outside it would get ruined really easily. I wouldn’t be able to live with that because I’d be afraid of it getting ruined.
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  11. I actually really like the silk blouse that has this design. I don’t like that it is fabric outside though.
  12. I saw this at the Ferragamo boutique in Paris (Galeries Lafayette) and was really disappointed. First, the fabric designs are stunning. But they totally ruined them by mixing them patchwork style. This effect works better on the clothes, but even so, the designs fight rather than work with each other (IMO anyway) and ruin what could have been truly beautiful pieces. It's such a shame, when you look at the fabric designs individually, they are absolutely gorgeous. But thrown together, they diminish rather than enhance each other. And they should not have been on the bag's exterior, the fabric simply isn't durable enough.
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