Introducing Vlad like you have never seen him before!!!!!

  1. As you all know, yesterday was Vlad's birthday. We went out the night before with a group of friends that were in town and we had quite the night- especially the Mr.

    I would love to introduce you all to Vlad, like you have never seen him before :wlae: :roflmfao:

    Rockin' the Fendi Spy

    Big balla' stud!

    Giggle, giggle!

    Told ya it was Vlad like you have never seen him!! :love:
  2. Ooh, la la!
  3. This is what happens after a birthday and (many) drinks!!

    He does not know this is posted yet... :graucho:
  4. Hahah awww thats cute!!!
  5. :rochard: Vlad look at you rocking that hot Fendi hard! Nice work fella! Oh and Happy Belated B'day!
  6. Happy Birthday Vlad! :king:
    You look lovely w/ Fendi, but I really think you should try Jimmy Choo:choochoo:
  7. Love the SWISH factor there, Vlad! :tispy:
  8. He is sitting next to me, still not realizing this is up. I even put it in my signature... LOL
  9. Looking good! :yes:
  10. I think we should ALL put it in our signatures... :devil:
  11. OMG THat's soooo cute!
  12. He would look even better with a Monogram Speedy 30!

    My cousin did! One time, he picked it up and goes, "How exactly are you supposed to carry this?" He held on the handles held it to his side and then he sort of slung it over his shoulder.

    Then I told him he was supposed to carry it on his arm so he put it on his arm, but only to the wrist.

    I had to show him the correct way to carry it.
  13. I LOVE it! :roflmfao: I wanna be a fly on the wall later today at your house!
  14. ha ha ha
  15. He is STILL sitting there just trying to work on the new layout and fix the quirks.... not realizing this STILL. I keep laughing out loud, and he just says "What's so funny??"

    He WANTED to pose with the bag... it was about 20 degrees outside and he was all about it!