Introducing: The WTM Mini!!!

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  1. Ok ladies, a few of us have been waiting to see what the mini will look like and I for one am totally thrilled!

    There is a bit of a story to this - Jackie first thought that everyone wanted a mini WTM messenger. She is probably right - from what I read, this is what most seem to have in mind. So BE modified the WTM design and made it into a cute little messenger. It's adorable and has major elements of the WTM - I think it will work very well as a messenger, maybe even better than the Surprise Me?

    Anyway, I explained that I was interested in an exact mini of the WTM and they came up with one too. I love it! I am definitely getting one in mottled gold.

    These are the plastic prototypes, no prices yet, but dimensions for the WTM Mini (with the hand straps) = 26 cm (h) x 30 cm (w) x 6 cm (d)
  2. Oooh I would be interested in this one! In pewter!
  3. OMG where are they?!?!?!?!
  4. sorry I didn't realize the images were too big. Resizing now
  5. The suspense!
  6. Ok - here they are!

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  7. Oi....gosh I could entirely do with one of those as a handheld tote. Thanks for the pics!

    Also, I wouldn't mind one of those in plastic for the beach! The green plastic looks kind of pretty IMO.
  8. oooo, i like 'em a lot!
  9. Do you know what the pricing will be? The mottled gold in the mini would be perfect!
  10. Sandy I am still waiting to hear re pricing but my guess is that the messenger will be less expensive than the actual Mini. Jackie mentioned that they had modified the WTM into a messenger and made it simpler, lighter and less expensive.
    I really prefer the actual Mini though. I will let you know as soon as I have prices.
  11. Oh, I love the messenger. I just bought the Surprise Me though. Can I justify both? Do you know how much it is?
  12. Wow, the WTM really lends itself to a compact style! I've admired the WTM from afar and always thought, "gee, if it were just a little bit smaller..." And there it is!
  13. OMFG!!! I absolutely LOVE BOTH!!!
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    Oh, cute! I want the handheld one in mottled gold! Or pewter! LOL!

    Wait! I want one in mottled gold and the other in pewter! Then I can have both and they're still different!
  15. I really like the messenger!:smile: