Introducing the sweetest cat ever...

  1. Rusty! He's my little love muffin - I've had him since he was a kitten, he's now about 3 and a half and very, very loved. He's a bug of love - he constantly wants to be rubbed and will sleep with you or in your lap like a dog. He really does act like a lap dog! He loves to be touched and pet, he loves to be cuddled - he loves any kind of attention really. He's my little buddy :love:

  2. Hi Rusty! You're too cute :heart:

    I love the second picture!
  3. What a little cutie!! He looks so snuggly!
  4. Rusty is adorable--some cats are aloof, so it's great to have one that is affectionate. A friend of mine has one like yours and he is her true companion!
  5. Gorgeous cat!
  6. awwwwww! i love orange tabbies! i had one briefly as a child. it was male and i named him 'mimi'. :P
  7. aww "bug of love" haha that's cute.
  8. Rusty's gorgeous!
  9. Awww soooo cute!
  10. so cute and he looks so soft!
  11. awww, what a cutie! my cat looks very similiar to yours, maybe a tad bit more "big boned."

    i must say, out of all the cats we've had the orange ones are the best!
  12. My cat is very big boned - and was a big fatty for awhile! We had kittens in our house before I moved, and there was an automatic feeder for them, so he'd just eat and eat and eat! When I moved to my apartment he was the only cat, so I'd schedule feeding times for him - and he's lost sooo much weight - he was near 20 pounds before! Now he's about 12 I'd say.
  13. He's beautiful!
  14. He looks like such a sweet cat!
  15. He is so cute! I love orange cats, they are my fave color. Big cats rock too!
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