Introducing the Rebecca Minkoff Diaper Bag, Knocked Up!

  1. Love the name love the bag!!!

    This is the much anticipated and long awaited Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Diaper Bag. It will debuts in March just in time for mother's day!

    I am waiting for more logisitics of the bag. I also asked Becky if there was going to be pink and she said, "I SHOULD do it in pink!" So that should be coming at some point too!

    Two colors for now are blue, color lapis, and brown, color almond.

    LOVE IT!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. ^ OMG! soooooooo cute and such a cute name! AND a changing pad!

    hmmm.... is it going to have a shoulder strap? that's a MUST for a diaper bag.
  4. It's so cute! And I really love the Lapis color.
  5. I will ask!!
  6. So cute! Almost makes me want to have a baby...almost
  7. Love, love the name . . . makes me want to have another baby . . .
  8. ooo, that is super cute! i'll have to work on making some kids though first! LOL
  9. Wow, that's one cute diaper bag.... the cutest diaper bag ever, I think.

    If I have a child one day, this will be my diaper bag!
  10. Omg love it!
  11. SO cute!!! I would carry it with or without the strap!! If I didn't have enough hands to carry everything I;d just leave the baby at home LOL!

    J/K...Of course.
  12. ALso- it looks like it's made with different ( maybe lighter) leather! That's awesome-
  13. soooooo fabulous! it should definitely come in a "girlie" color as well!
    Loooooove it!
    *goes looking for DH to start makin babies!*
  14. Update just now from Rebecca herself: "Shoulder strap and stroller straps!"
  15. How adorable would this look in kelly green or sunshine yellow? Or even *gasp* MINT?! It looks too briefcase-y in brown (says I, the non-mom).